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DockerCon 2016 Videos: Day 1 and Day 2 General Sessions [feedly]

DockerCon 2016 Videos: Day 1 and Day 2 General Sessions
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In case you missed DockerCon 2016 and the livestream last week, you can now watch the video recording of the general sessions packed with a lot of exciting announcements and live demos of Docker 1.12 and Docker Datacenter!

The rest of the videos will be posted on the Docker Blog and Docker YouTube Channel over the next few days. You can already find most of the slides on the Docker Slideshare page.


Day 1 – General Session

To save you time, we've broken down the video recording from DockerCon 2016 Day 1's opening general session into smaller pieces so you can jump ahead to the specific announcements and demos you want to watch. Here is a brief outline:

Introduction by Ben Golub and Solomon Hykes


Docker for developers by Aanand Prasad


Guest speaker #1: Matt Aimonetti, CTO and Co-founder of Splice


Docker 1.12 introduction and live demo by Andrea Luzzardi and Mike Goelzer


Docker 1.12 at Zenly by Steeve Morin and Jean-Baptiste Dalido


Docker for AWS and Azure demo by Aanand Prasad and Madhu Venugopal


Docker General Session Day 1 Slides


Recap of Day 1 Announcements:

Docker Automates and Democratizes Container Orchestration

Built-in orchestration features enable organizations to easily create and manage complex Dockerized applications from development through production.

Docker 1.12: Now with Built-in Orchestration!

Three years ago, Docker made an esoteric Linux kernel technology called containerization simple and accessible to everyone. Today, we are doing the same for container orchestration.

Starting with Docker 1.12, we have added features to the core Docker Engine to make multi-host and multi-container orchestration easy. We've added new API objects, like Service and Node, that will let you use the Docker API to deploy and manage apps on a group of Docker Engines called a swarm. With Docker 1.12, the best way to orchestrate Docker is Docker!

Announcing the Docker for Mac and Windows Public Beta

Back in March, we launched a private beta for a new ambitious project called Docker for Mac and Docker for Windows. Our major goal was to bring a native Docker experience to Mac and Windows, making it easier for developers to work with Docker in their own environments. We're happy to announce that we're opening up the beta for Docker for Mac and Windows to everyone. And along with the beta for Docker for Mac and Windows, you get the new Docker 1.12 release candidate.

Introducing the Docker for AWS and Azure Beta

We're excited to announce Docker for AWS and Docker for Azure: the best ways to install, configure and maintain Docker deployments on AWS and Azure.

Introducing Experimental Distributed Application Bundles

The built-in orchestration features announced today with Docker 1.12 will revolutionize how IT teams build, ship and run containerized apps. With Docker 1.12, developers and ops now share a set of simple and powerful APIs, tools, and formats for building agile delivery pipelines that ship software from development through CI to production in the cloud with Docker for AWS and Azure.

How Docker for Mac helps me sleep better at night

As a CTO and founder, one of the biggest advantages of Docker is being able to get new team members ready to code in no time. We used to have to keep a 5 page long README on setting up all the dependencies… that README would get outdated very quickly. Now I can get a new team member set-up and coding in 5 minutes, it's a huge win.

Day 2 – General Session

Here is a brief outline for general session day 2:

Docker in production for the Enterprise by Ben Golub


Docker Datacenter in production demo by Vivek Saraswat and Lily Guo


Guest speaker #1: Docker and Microsoft demo by Mark Russinovich, CTO Microsoft Azure


Guest speaker #2: Docker at ADP by Keith Fulton, CTO, ADP


Docker General Session Day 2 Slides


Recap of Day 2 Announcements:

Introducing the Docker Store Private Beta

We are very excited to announce the private beta of Docker Store, a marketplace for trusted and validated dockerized software – free, open source and commercial.

Our goals with Docker Store are designed around bringing Docker users and ecosystem partners together.

Docker Datacenter in AWS and Azure in a few clicks

Introducing Docker Datacenter AWS Quickstart and Azure Marketplace Templates production-ready, high availability deployments in just a few clicks.

The Docker Datacenter AWS Quickstart uses a CloudFormation templates and pre-built templates on Azure Marketplace to make it easier than ever to deploy an enterprise CaaS Docker environment on public cloud infrastructures.

Docker Datacenter user examples

At DockerCon in Seattle, business of all sizes shared their stories Dockering for transformation in development, CI and production environments for all kinds of apps. In this post, we wanted to highlight those companies who are using Docker Datacenter.

Watch the @DockerCon General Sessions to catch up on the #Docker news from #DockerCon 2016!
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