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Introducing the Docker Store Private Beta [feedly]

Introducing the Docker Store Private Beta
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We are very excited to announce the private beta of Docker Store, a marketplace for trusted and validated dockerized software – free, open source and commercial.  

Our goals with Docker Store are designed around bringing Docker users and ecosystem partners together.

  • Provide a scalable self-service system for ISVs to publish and distribute trusted and enterprise-ready content
  • Provide a publishing process that validates software quality, including; security scanning, component inventory, the open-source license usage and use of best practices in image construction.
  • Provide enterprise users with compliant, commercially supported software from trusted and verified publishers, that is packaged as Docker images.  
  • We've added powerful search and browsing capabilities, including categorization.

The use and creation of dockerized content has grown exponentially in the last couple of years.  This demand on content and the expanded use of Docker within the enterprise naturally led to the need for more content, entitlement, visibility into security profiles and compliance.


Docker Store builds on the Official Images and the popularity of the Docker Hub for community  content by providing an official marketplace that provides workflows for those who wish to create and distribute content and those that wish to download content to build their applications.



Private Beta Availability

You can sign up for the Docker Store beta program at We are adding people to the beta in batches over time to make sure we have a robust place for you to distribute or procure great enterprise-ready content.  We have a great set of enterprise software vendors who are participating in the initial beta launch of the Store, including those you see below.


We would love any feedback during the beta, on how we can improve your experience.  


Start building with Docker Store content

The Store is about trusted and secure content from ecosystem partners (publisher).  The Docker Store is easy to search, browse and provides information like security profile, user review and ratings around the available software packages.  The content is verified by Docker, is supported by the publisher and has licensing/entitlement information to support enterprise software compliance.

To give Docker Store a try, sign up for the private beta ( and learn more in documentation: When you sign up, you will receive a confirmation in email to activate your access.  Once you're in, don't forget to send feedback – your participation is what helps make Docker a great experience.




Calling all Publishers!

If you are an independent software vendor (large or small) and want to make your software available to the Docker community, Docker Store is the place.  You can distribute free, open source and commercial software on Docker Store.

Screenshot 2016-06-17 14.22.25.png

Sign up as a publisher so you can…

  • Connect with the millions of developers and organizations using Docker.  Your software is packaged and distributed as Docker images for quick deployment into the environment
  • Feature your listing in the marketplace for trial or purchase
  • Manage image security and digital signatures from the Docker Store workflow
  • Leverage the Docker Store workflow to manage entitlement, licensing and purchase
  • Seamlessly update and upgrade your software and Docker Store can notify customers


Tips for becoming a publisher:

Introducing the @Docker Store Private Beta! Sign up now
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