Saturday, July 2, 2016

Sensu and the Chef Partner Cookbook Program [feedly]

Sensu and the Chef Partner Cookbook Program
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We're happy to announce that Sensu is now part of the Chef Partner Cookbook Program. Sensu is an open-source, cloud-aware, monitoring framework that allows organizations to compose comprehensive monitoring & telemetry solutions that meet their unique business requirements. Known as a monitoring router, you can create dynamic scalable alerts and views into your systems.

The Sensu cookbook is a well tested, first-party cookbook – developed and maintained by the Sensu team at Heavy Water – that is the best solution for deploying Sensu Core and Sensu Enterprise with Chef. This cookbook features a comprehensive integration test matrix, allowing you to validate configuration changes locally before promoting them into production environments. Heavy Water's use of Chef cookbook best practices and recommended patterns makes the sensu-chef cookbook easy to adopt and support for any organization, providing an excellent example for teams to imitate to ensure your cookbooks are also high quality and sustainable.

To quote Pete Cheslock from Threat Stack:

"When launching the Threat Stack service, we knew we wanted to get Sensu up and running quickly. We leveraged the sensu-chef cookbook using our own wrapper cookbook to set necessary overrides and were able to get a full Sensu environment up and running in no time."
The Chef Partner Cookbook Program is a collaboration between Chef and the vendor to help validate cookbooks in our public supermarket.

Congratulations to Heavy Water!


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