Monday, August 22, 2016

Wrap-Up: AWS Summit in New York City [feedly]

Wrap-Up: AWS Summit in New York City

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We enjoyed meeting so many members of the community at the AWS Summit in New York City last week!

The Summit started Wednesday, August 10th with a full day of sessions including one on Securing Cloud Workloads with DevOps Automation. There was also an awesome startup simulation where participants acted as a DevOps lead.

Thursday, August 11th began with a keynote from CTO Werner Vogels. He presented with guests from Lyft,  Airtime, and Comcast. This led into lightning talks and breakout sessions covering CI/CD, microservices, security, and everything in between.

Meanwhile, our team of twelve awesome Chefs, were in the expo hall fueling the love of Chef with plenty of t-shirts, stickers, and great conversations. We met hundreds of attendees, from people who are just starting to think about automation, to advanced Chef users who have been part of our community for years. Our booth was full of great energy throughout the day with folks interested in learning about our new product, Chef Automate. In particular, I heard many conversations about the benefits of the Workflow feature. People were also excited to learn about our open source projects: Habitat for application automation and InSpec for compliance and security automation.

If you haven't been to an AWS Summit, they are awesome (and free). We're looking forward to returning to NYC next year!

Not in New York? Check out our full calendar of events to find out when we'll be in your area.

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You might also be interested in our upcoming webinar on September 21, "Automated DevOps Workflows with Chef on AWS."

Join us to learn:

  • How to develop at high velocity with Chef on AWS
  • How to create a culture of treating your AWS infrastructure as code
  • How Gannet uses Chef "cookbooks" on AWS to manage their USA Today infrastructure

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