Thursday, August 18, 2016

Xen Orchestra 5.1 [feedly]

Xen Orchestra 5.1
// Xen Orchestra

And it's done: Xen Orchestra 5.1 is available!

In short:

  • new UI is by default, the old one is still accessible when adding "/v4" in the URL
  • we added a lot of great UI features (see the content below)
  • we fixed a lot of small issues due to fresh UI

In fact, that's a pretty big release: we closed 75 issues in one month!

UI improvements

Thanks to a lot of feedback from everywhere (customers, community), we were able to improve greatly the new UI. Let's take a tour of what you can do now.

Save your (default) search

That's the big step forward for a powerful AND customizable interface.

Save a search

Want to use a search you are doing often? Type it, see the result, and then use the "Save" icon.

Example: I want to only display my production running VMs. Let's say I use a "prod" tag for those VMs: power_state:running tags:prod

Now, if I click on "Save", I can save this search and give it a name:

Finally, I can find it in the existing Filter list (see "Prod"):

Obviously, you can use it (and combine it!) for far more advanced filters, like filtering by pool, hosts, virtualization mode, whatever you need!

Managing saved search

Now you have saved a search, let's manage it: edit or remove it. Go inside your user settings:

You can remove or edit an existing filter. You can also set a default filter for each type view (VM, Host or Pool view). This way, every time you go on the home view, this default filter will be applied!

Smart migration system

Migrating multiple VMs at once can be complicated. Imagine you want to migrate various VMs from various pools to a specific host:

  • some VMs can be on the same host that you want to migrate to (no need to migrate)
  • some others can be on another host in the same pool (no need to migrate networks)
  • plus some of them can be on a shared SR (no VDI migration needed)
  • finally, others can be on a different pool (need to migrate both storage and network)

We are now managing all of these cases at once: don't bother to think, select any VMs you want to move and do it. Also, we have a "smart network mapping": if we found a same network name on the destination, we'll bind to it.

Improved backup scheduler

We are now able to display the XOA timezone for scheduled backup. You can also select your own timezone when you set your backup/DR/whatever!

Better patches display

It's very easy now to see any missing patch. See our previous blog post: now you can't miss a XenServer patch.

Submenu for Home view

You can now directly select which type of object you want to display in the home view, via the menu:

Plugin presets

For helping users to manage their plugins, we added "presets" to guide you.


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