Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Chef on Chef: Enabling culture through automation [feedly]

Chef on Chef: Enabling culture through automation

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Many companies want to break down the silos that separate different teams in their organization but find that the lack of a common approach to automation presents a formidable challenge. At Chef, we had that very problem when we realized that, to effectively demo our then unreleased product Chef Automate, we needed to automate its installation. The automation not only had to bring up a standard Chef Automate cluster, but it also had to make it easy for many different teams at Chef to layer on top of it so they could tailor the demo to their own purposes. In this webinar, Chef technical evangelists Jessica DeVita, Andre Elizondo, and Seth Thomas will discuss what folks at Chef learned about bringing different groups together to create something that everyone can use.They'll talk about using tools besides Chef, leveraging test-driven development methods, and dogfooding through automation. You'll also learn how the automation, nicknamed "wombat" is evolving, and why it's important to implement pipelines early. Join us to hear about: - The lessons we learned while trying to enable a culture of automation within Chef - How avoiding orchestration solved several challenges (and presented new ones!) - The methods we used when building extendable automation Who should attend: - Systems administrators - DevOps engineers - Systems architects  

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