Sunday, October 9, 2016

Chef Wins Tech Impact Award from Seattle Business Magazine [feedly]

Chef Wins Tech Impact Award from Seattle Business Magazine
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Seattle is now a technology epicenter — the growth of tech in Seattle brought roughly nine new jobs and seven new people every hour in 2015. You can see it in the cranes peppered throughout the city and you can feel it as a renewed energy is bringing the Pacific Northwest tech community to life.

In the midst of this growth, last week we were honored to be named the Enterprise Software Tech Impact Award winner of 2016 by Seattle Business Magazine! We want to thank all of you — our customers, partners, community and employees — for helping Chef grow into the company we are today.

The idea of "Impact" is something we are surrounded by daily at Chef. We want to have an impact on how companies build, deliver and delight customers through technology. And we want Chef to positively impact how people work together — fostering greater collaboration, communication and workflows along the way.

And as our CEO Barry Crist shared, we want to have a lasting impact on business:

[We enable] a future in which information services are the place where ideas are sifted out for use so there's no difference between business and IT.


Thank you to all of our #ChefFriends for helping us continue to strive for excellence and constant improvements in technology and culture. Come to our next monthly meetup or drop by our offices anytime – our doors are always open to those who want to make an impact.

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