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Introducing the Docker Community Directory and Docker Community Slack [feedly]

Introducing the Docker Community Directory and Docker Community Slack

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Introducing the Docker Community Directory and Docker Community Slack

Today, we're thrilled to officially introduce the Docker Community Directory and Slack to further enable community building and collaboration. Our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to become a more informed and engaged member of the community by creating sub groups and channels based on location, language, use cases, interest in specific Docker-centric projects or initiatives.


Sign up for the Docker Community Directory and Slack


Docker Community Directory

Members who join the Docker Community Directory will benefit from the following:

  • Latest product updates and release notes
  • Targeted invitations and promo codes for Docker community events (DockerCon, Docker Summits, Meetups, Docker Partner events, trainings, workshops and hackathons)
  • Ability to participate in raffles for Docker Swag
  • Chance to get priority access to product betas
  • Opportunity to get involved as a user and/or customer reference, meetup organizer, mentor, speaker, etc.
  • Be listed on the Docker Community Directory without sharing your email (built in direct messaging system)
  • Access to the Docker Community Slack

The Docker Community Directory is a tool for community members to collaborate. Everyone should use it respectfully, with genuine and specific Docker-centric messages. It should not be used to send messages that could be qualified as spam or otherwise violate Docker's community code of conduct. We invite community members who think the directory is not being used properly by one member to reach out to community@docker.com with more information, so that we can address the situation accordingly. Those members not abiding by the community code of conduct and misusing the platform will be subject to a warning and potential removal from the directory.

Docker Community Slack

We launched the Docker Community Slack a few months ago, so that the Docker Team could easily collaborate with two key groups of amazing contributors: Docker Captains and Docker Meetup Organizers. After a few weeks of planning and figuring out the best way to proceed, we are now ready and excited to extend the invitation to the broader community!

Due to a high level of engagement, our Slack team reaches the 10,000 messages archive limit very quickly, you might not able to see older slack messages. Everyone interested in seeing or searching older messages can look at our Community Slack archive here: dockercommunity.slackarchive.io

How can I be invited to join?

Docker has set up a registration form. Provide the information required and a Slack invite will be sent to you. You can also contact community@docker.com if you have any questions or concerns.

What's the Docker Community Slack URL ?

Once you've received the invitation and joined our slack team, you can go to dockercommunity.slack.com to login.

Who are the admins of the Docker Community Slack?

Karen Bajza (@kbajza), Lisa McNicol (@lisa.mcnicol), Sophia Parafina (@spara), Mano Marks (@mano), Jenny Burcio (@jenny), Sebastiaan van Stijn (@thajeztah) and Victor Coisne (@vcoisne) are the current administrators of the Docker Community Slack team and private channels. They are also in charge of monitoring compliance with the code of conduct. If you witness inappropriate behaviour, please reach out to one of us so that we can respond appropriately.

Who should I contact if I want to create a new public or private channel?

The Docker Community Team is the central authority for this Slack team. If you're interested in creating a new public or private channel for your topic of interest, language or location, please reach out to one of the administrators listed above.

What happens to the IRC and Gitter channels?

The IRC and Gitter channels will be closed down. We will post an announcement on those channels before closing, so that users have time to register for Slack. We have enabled gateway access for users that prefer using XMPP or IRC client. Instructions for connecting an XMPP or IRC client can be found on the Slack website.

Sign up for the #docker Community Directory and Slack to meet, share and learn!
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