Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Manage Secrets with Chef and HashiCorp's Vault [feedly]

Manage Secrets with Chef and HashiCorp's Vault

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There are many existing solutions for distributing secrets or sensitive information with configuration management tools like Chef. Between node attributes, encrypted data bags, and third-party services, the possibilities are truly endless. One such solution is to utilize a secrets management system, like HashiCorp's Vault. This webinar discusses multiple techniques for retrieving secrets from Vault using Chef. As infrastructure increases in complexity, so to does our need to secure it. Join us to learn how you can use Chef and Vault to secure your infrastructure and accelerate application delivery. Join us to learn: - Overview and architecture of HashiCorp's Vault - Strategies for integrating Vault with Chef - Common patterns to adopt and anti-patterns to avoid Who should attend: - Chef users who need to distribute sensitive information to nodes - Security-conscious users wishing to distribute secrets with configuration management

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