Friday, November 18, 2016

Writing Elegant Tests [feedly]

Writing Elegant Tests

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You've probably found that the many tests you write for all your cookbooks require as much or more effort than maintaining the cookbooks themselves. You've also probably noticed that there's quite a bit of boilerplate code required to verify all the recipes, resources, and helpers. The consequence is that much of your test code is duplicated from one cookbook to another. In this webinar, Franklin Webber, Training and Technical Content Lead at Chef, will show you techniques that bring elegance to a cookbook's tests. You'll learn how to eliminate redundancy, rebuild common patterns into helpers, and extract those helpers into a portable library. Join to learn how to: - Refactor tests for more elegant code - Craft reusable testing resources and helpers - Extract testing resources into a Ruby gem Who Should Attend: - Anyone who writes tests for cookbooks

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