Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Build a Custom Ohai Plugin [feedly]

Build a Custom Ohai Plugin

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The Chef client uses a tool called Ohai to gather data about a node. For example, by default, Ohai collects a node's platform, platform version, and IP address. The data Ohai collects is stored on the Chef server and can be used for reporting, troubleshooting, and in your recipes. However, Ohai's real power lies in its plugin interface. You can build custom Ohai plugins that help you to create dynamic recipes and that augment the amount of information you collect about a node. In this webinar, Franklin Webber, Training and Technical Content Lead at Chef, will explain Ohai's plugin structure, walk through the core Ohai plugins, and show you how to build and test a custom plugin. Finally, he'll talk about some further refinements you can add to the implementation. Join us to learn about: - Ohai's plugin structure - How to build an Ohai plugin as well as how to write appropriate unit and integration tests - Resources that allow you to refine how you run Ohai Who should attend: - Cookbook developers

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