Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Combined XenServer pool stats [feedly]

Combined XenServer pool stats
// Xen Orchestra

Happy new year!

Let's discover a new cool feature of Xen Orchestra: combined pool statistics. It means, in your XenServer pool view, there is a new "Stats" tab:

What about it? It combines all your hosts stats to make a great recap of what's happening in your pool!

From a really simple things to compare (load average or RAM):

To more subtle stuff, like network and CPU usage:

For CPUs, the sum of all cores usage for each host is made (therefore explaining the scale here at 400%)

For network, all RX for each host are combined, same for TX

And guess what: it's already available in the today's patch release!

This is another step to improve your understanding of all your XenServer hosts. Enjoy :)


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