Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Quantifying Outcomes: Digital transformation and the competitive edge [feedly]

Quantifying Outcomes: Digital transformation and the competitive edge
// Chef Software

This webinar is part one of a four part series that examines how digital transformation enables you to outperform competitors. Digital transformation occurs when a company adopts technologies and practices that change it from one that ships its software slowly and painfully to one that ships software quickly while, at the same time, improving its quality and mitigating risk. Businesses that embrace digital transformation outperform their competitors: they capitalize on disruption rather than allowing themselves to be disrupted. They deliver their software faster, with higher efficiency and lower risk. These advances can be quantified to prove their effectiveness. This short-form webinar series invites you to participate in a discussion on how to implement digital transformation and which metrics demonstrate progress on your journey. The first part of our series, focuses on the overall challenges businesses face in the marketplace and how to gauge where you stand. Subsequent webinars will focus on specific measures that move transformation forward. Join us to: - Learn how industry trends shape your internal challenges - Explore how companies have resolved tensions between central IT organizations and development teams - Learn how to use industry metrics to determine where you should be focusing your efforts - Participate in a virtual roundtable discussion where you can ask the questions most relevant to you Who should attend: - Director/VP of technology teams (Engineering/IT/DevOps/etc) - Technology executives (CIO/CTO) - Management seeking strategic alignment w/ business objectives

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