Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Quantifying Outcomes - Increasing Speed [feedly]

Quantifying Outcomes - Increasing Speed
// Chef Software

This webinar is part three of a four part series that focuses on the steps you should take to bring about digital transformation in your organization. In this webinar, we talk about how to increase the rate at which you can deploy new software. High-performing organizations that have undergone digital transformation are agile. They respond to market pressures by shipping new features quickly, safely, and reliably. A key requirement of that agility is that these companies can experiment with small-batch incremental changes. But how do you accomplish that and know your efforts are succeeding? This short-form webinar series invites you to participate in a discussion on how to implement digital transformation and which metrics demonstrate progress on your journey. Join us to: - Explore why continuous delivery is about more than just having build pipelines - Learn which industry metrics demonstrate that you're shipping faster successfully - Participate in a virtual roundtable discussion where you can ask the questions most relevant to you Who should attend: - Director/VP of technology teams (Engineering/IT/DevOps/etc) - Technology executives (CIO/CTO) - Management seeking strategic alignment w/ business objectives

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