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containerd summit recap: slides, videos and meeting notes [feedly]

containerd summit recap: slides, videos and meeting notes
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Last week, we hosted a containerd summit for contributors and maintainers. Containerd is a core container runtime with an emphasis on simplicity, robustness and portability. It is available as a daemon for Linux and Windows, which can manage the complete container lifecycle of its host system: image transfer and storage, container execution and supervision, snapshot storage for container filesystems and a few other things to make the management of containers robust.

We started off by getting everyone up to speed on the project, roadmap and goals before diving down into specific issues and design of containerd.  We had a couple breakout sessions where we discussed blocking issues and feature requests by various members of the community. You can see a summary of the breakout sessions in last week's development report in the containerd repository and the various presentations below:

Deep Dive into containerd by Michael Crosby, Stephen Day, Derek McGowan and Mickael Laventure (Docker)

Driving containerd operations with gRPC by Phil Estes (IBM)

containerd and CRI by Tim Hockin (Google)


We ended the day with discussions around governance and extension model. Watch this video recording to learn more about why and how core contributors are thinking about integrating containerd with other systems.

containerd is a very young project and a lot of work needs to be done before reaching version 1.0 but the energy and engineering talent behind the project are amazing as you can see from the following tweets:





If you're interested in getting involved, you can find up-to-date roadmap, architecture and API definitions in the github repo.

More info about containerd:

New Slides, Videos and meeting notes from the #containerd summit
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