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The first and only NOS to support LinkedIn’s Open19 project

The first and only NOS to support LinkedIn's Open19 project
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Today we are excited to announce our support of Open19, a project spearheaded by LinkedIn. Open19 simplifies and standardizes the 19-inch rack form factor and increases interoperability between different vendors' technology. Built on the principles of openness, Open19 allows many more suppliers to produce servers that will interoperate and will be interchangeable in any rack environment.

We are thrilled to be the first and only network operating system supporting Open19 for two reasons. First, this joint solution offers complete choice throughout the entire stack — increasing interoperability and efficiency. We believe the ease of use of this new technology helps expand the footprint of web-scale networking and makes it even more accessible and relevant.

The second reason is that we are continually dedicated to innovation within the open community, and this is one more way we can support that mission. We believe that disaggregation is not only the future but the present (read more about why we think disaggregation is here to stay). When a company like LinkedIn jumped into the disaggregate ring, we knew we wanted to be a part of it.

What is Open19?

The primary component, Brick Cage, is a passive mechanical cage that fits in any EIA 19-inch rack, allowing increased interoperability. Brick Cage comes in 12RU or 8RU form-factors with 2RU modularity.

The Open19 platform is based on standard building blocks with the following specifications:

  • Standard 19-inch 4 post rack
  • Brick cage
  • Brick (B), Double Brick (DB), Double High Brick (DHB)
  • Power shelf—12 volt distribution, OTS power modules
  • Optional Battery Backup Unit (BBU)
  • Optional Networking switch (ToR)
  • Snap-on power cables/PCB—200-250 watts per brick
  • Snap-on data cables—up to 100G per brick
  • Provides linear growth on power and bandwidth based on brick size

As a standardized open solution, Open19 promises 3 to 5 times faster rack level integration, which will result in reduced time to market.


Open19 and Cumulus Networks


The purpose of Open19:

  • Create an open standard that can fit any 19" rack environment for server, storage and networking
  • Optimize base rack cost
    • Reduce commons by 50%
  • Enable fast rack integration
    • 2-3x faster integration time
  • Build an ecosystem that will consolidate requirements and volumes
    • High adoption level
  • Create a solution that will have applicability for large, medium, and small scale data centers

How Cumulus Networks fits in:

Cumulus Linux is the first and only open network operating system to support the Open19 switch. With common benefits of ease of adoption and customization, while maximizing economics, Open19 and Cumulus Linux are helping customers receive the benefits of web-scale networking while standardizing on EIA 19-inch rack to increase interoperability.

What to do next:

If you're interested in an Open19 Brick cage featuring Cumulus Linux, contact our knowledgeable sales team. And to give Cumulus Linux a spin at zero cost, try Cumulus VX.

If you'd like to learn more about the join solution, check out this solution brief. 

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