Monday, June 5, 2017

Cumulus co-founder featured on Packet Pushers!

Cumulus co-founder featured on Packet Pushers!
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A couple weeks ago, our co-founder, JR Rivers, sat down with the guys at Packet Pushers, in order to discuss how to build a better network with web-scale networking. We were so excited to be featured, that we decided to use this opportunity to launch a giveaway!

The podcast goes into detail covering the benefits of web-scale networking, but we want to hear your thoughts on it. We've put together a quick survey to hear what you think of web-scale principles and how you may have incorporated them into your organization. Simply fill out the survey to enter for a chance to win a free Apple Watch!

The podcast covers:

  • The emergence of web-scale IT
  • The traditional way of doing things and how it compares
  • Free Range Routing
  • Open networking and Linux
  • How organizations can get to SDN
  • The role of NetDevOps
  • The how and why of automation

Sound interesting? Grab your headphones and take a listen! You can hear the podcast now by visiting

And don't forget to enter to win an Apple Watch!




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