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Introducing NetQ — a fabric validation system providing unparalleled visibility

Introducing NetQ — a fabric validation system providing unparalleled visibility
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Today is a big day for us over here at Cumulus Networks! We are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new product designed to bring you unparalleled network visibility & remediation.  The newest addition to the Cumulus Networks portfolio, NetQ, is a telemetry-based fabric validation system that ensures the network is behaving as it was intended to. It allows you to test, validate and troubleshoot using advanced fabric-wide telemetry and Cumulus Linux.

Why NetQ?

To respond to the evolving industry, increasing business demands and growth, many companies have started the web-scale journey by deploying a fully programmable fabric with fully automated configurations across an open network infrastructure. Companies that have implemented some of these best practices are quickly seeing the benefits of agility, efficiency and lowered costs.

However, these organizations are also facing some unknowns: They are worried about making ad-hoc changes that disrupt the network and they can't easily demonstrate "network correctness." They're interested in moving towards intent-based networking methods, but don't have the right technology in place to do so.

Traditional operations tools and workflows weren't built for the speed and scale that a modern cloud data center needs as they are manual, reactive and require a tedious, box-by-box process. Businesses need better notifications, analysis and troubleshooting capabilities.

Today, customers are automating configurations and deploying with web-scale principles, but the "ops" side of the equation has remained the same. In short, the operations side of the business is currently slowing business adoption of web-scale principles.

Operators need a modern, supplemental solution that will support the newest trends in web-scale efficiency. They need a web-scale operations tool.

NetQ brings web-scale agility by upgrading network operations from a manual, reactive, box-by-box process built on old-world polling tools to an algorithmic, preventive, centralized telemetry system built for the modern automated cloud network. NetQ is the next step in the web-scale journey, designed to help give operators the same peace of mind that cloud and network architects and engineers are already experiencing.

What is NetQ

NetQ is a telemetry-based fabric validation system, that ensures the network is behaving as intended.

netq fabric validation architecture

The three core tenants of NetQ are that it is preventative, proactive and diagnostic.

In the preventative workflow, you can validate network behavior when rolling staged configurations into production so you can quickly rollback to previous configurations in case an error occurs. NetQ helps you efficiently determine if the configurations accurately represent what you intend the network to do.

In the proactive workflow, NetQ algorithmically checks for faulty network behavior that results in packet loss or connectivity issues and sends real-time alerts to notify users that a network state deviation has occurred. When alerted, you'll know precisely where the fault occurred so you can remediate quickly.

In the diagnostic workflow, NetQ allows you to go back in time to replay network state, just like if you had a time machine, to see fabric-wide event changelog and find root cause state deviations. NetQ not only allows you to replay network wide events, but also allows for the ability to trace network paths so you can avoid similar issues in the future. Plus, all of this information is available in one single console so you can easily delegate access. Other team members can log in to prove the network without risking disruption.

More specifically, NetQ fabric validation offers you:

  • Preventative workflows to validate configuration while rolling out in production. Innovate with confidence.
  • Proactive alerts for quick remediation. NetQ detects faulty network state and alerts you in real time with precise fault location.
  • Diagnostic analysis of fabric-wide events. It's as if you had a time machine, so you can "go back in time" to replay network state for exact root-cause analysis.
  • Fabric-wide network validation of the entire stack including access to data from layer 1, network topologies, protocols and host environments.
  • A single console with data from every switch on one single screen. Delegate access to infrastructure operators and application owners so they can analyze the network easily.
  • Algorithmic functionality using check, show and trace commands so you can easily automate throughout the entire stack.
  • Seamless integration with existing tools and workflows for change management, CI/CD and automation.
  • Web-scale efficiencies through designing, building and operating data center networks, together with Cumulus Linux.

How do I get started?

We're thrilled to announce the general release of this product and we invite you to explore its features and capabilities. Here are a few documents that will help you do so:

NetQ product page
NetQ white paper
NetQ data sheet

If you're interested in seeing a free demo, we encourage you to contact your dedicated sales rep or fill out the form at the bottom of this product page.

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