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Chef Community Engineering – Q2 Update

Chef Community Engineering – Q2 Update
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It's hard to believe we're half way through the year already, but having had a chance to meet with and celebrate our community at ChefConf in Austin a couple months ago, we've had a really phenomenal second quarter. I'm really excited to share some of the things we've been up to, together!

Cookbook Engineering

The cookbook engineering team is responsible for managing and modernizing the Chef-managed cookbooks that are published to the Supermarket. These cookbooks serve as a guide for some good practices for developing cookbooks and help automate common infrastructure components.

Chef Cookbook Engineering Q2 Metrics

Open Source Projects

Chef is based on open-source software and a thriving community of contributors is important to the continued success of the project. Lots of PRs from our community members were merged and there was at least one release per week across a number of different tools in the ecosystem, test-kitchen, ChefSpec, foodcritic, and the like. It's now easier than ever to contribute to foodcritic or ChefSpec, too.

Chef Open Source Projects Q2 Metrics


The Chef Supermarket is a backed by a community of Chef practitioners. Use the public Supermarket to collaborate with the community or install your own private Supermarket and collaborate with your co-workers.

Chef Supermarket Q2 Metrics

Come together!

As a community we gather online and in-person. The second quarter of the year saw many more of us sharing our expertise in both slack and our mailing list. We're also looking forward to seeing you at our Community Summits later in the year!

Chef Community Q2 Metrics


The community around compliance automation is really starting to take off, too. This quarter more compliance profiles were published to the Supermarket, and a growing number of PRs were merged.

InSpec Community Q2 Metrics

Thank you for making our community awesome!  Please plan to join us in October for our Community Summit!  Tickets are available now for London and we will announce dates for Seattle and New York soon.

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