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Fly be free: introducing Cumulus in the Cloud

Fly be free: introducing Cumulus in the Cloud
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I get really excited watching people use the technology that we develop at Cumulus Networks, and we're always looking to make it easier for people to get their heads and hands wrapped around our products and tools. Our first product, Cumulus Linux, is pretty easy; a curious techie can download our free Cumulus VX virtual machine and use it standalone or in concert with other virtual machines. If they want to see the rubber meet the road with a physical experience, they can buy a switch/license and experiment in a live network.

Cumulus VX

The introduction of Cumulus NetQ and Cumulus Host Pack upped the ante in demonstrability. These products work together to allow for high scale, operationally sane infrastructure. We wanted the curious to be able to explore all of our products in a comfortable setting. Thus was born a project we call Cumulus in the Cloud.

Cumulus in the Cloud

The awesome team here at Cumulus leveraged modern technology to set up a personal mini data center infrastructure complete with four servers and a multi-rack leaf/spine network. Then we put that technology to work in infrastructure related architectures that are meaningful to customers.


Our first personalization is a container deployment leveraging Mesos and Docker. An explorer sees a web page with a console into their own data center along with links to relevant user interfaces and a set of "Getting Started" steps. These steps let them learn about the environment itself as well as learn about the Cumulus technology used to make it operational.

Cumulus in the Cloud console

The feedback on Cumulus in the Cloud has been really rewarding — the curious have been able to explore the Cumulus technology, gaining comfort with what is in front of them, and they are able to start out on their own adventures, taking deeper looks into the infrastructure and making changes to see the effect.

Stay tuned to Cumulus in the Cloud. Over the new few weeks, we'll be rolling out an OpenStack environment and a bare metal environment based on BGP-EVPN.

Fly be free, JR

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