Monday, September 18, 2017

The Cloudcast #311 - Google Cloud & Kubernetes

The Cloudcast #311 - Google Cloud & Kubernetes
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Brian talks with Chen Goldberg (@GoldbergChen, Director of Engineering, Container Engine & Kubernetes) and Mark Mandel (@Neurotic, Developer Advocate, Co-Host Google Cloud Platform podcast) at Google.about the state of Kubernetes maturity, how Google manages cloud services and open-source projects, Developers perspectives on Kubernetes, "boring" applications, Kubernetes Federation, and trends around Kubernetes community participation.

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Show Notes
  • Topic 1 - Where do you see Kubernetes today in terms of maturity, breadth of capabilities, ease of use, etc.?
  • Topic 2 - How is Google's Engineering structured to manage GKE/GCP services, open source contributions and partner engagements?
  • Topic 3 - What are some of the common use-cases with GKE usage? Do you also track Kubernetes usage on GCP services to see where you need to expand/improve GKE?
  • Topic 4 - Is Kubernetes easy enough, or robust enough for developers today? If not, where does it need to expand? Should this be within Kubernetes, or in other areas like Istio (or other)?
  • Topic 5 - How do you see Kubernetes Federation evolving? What might be possible for end-customers over time?


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