Thursday, May 24, 2018

Chef DK 3.0 Released

Chef DK 3.0 Released
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Today we're delighted to announce the release of Chef DK 3.0. With this release, you can detect and correct issues across more platforms faster than ever before with the addition of Chef 14 and InSpec 2.

Chef 14

Chef 14 brings with it a variety of performance and workflow improvements, as well as nearly thirty new resources native to the Chef DSL. This includes better built-in support for Windows and MacOS management, as well as native management of Red Hat Systems Manager (RHSM) within Chef. For more details on what's new in Chef 14, be sure to check out our release announcement and webinar.

InSpec 2

InSpec 2 introduced the ability to scan more than just servers, with the ability to connect directly to cloud APIs to validate that servers and services alike are configured securely. This release includes resources for Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services so that as you take advantage of your cloud vendor's utilities, you can validate their compliance with the same ease and rigor as with homegrown solutions on traditional infrastructure. Combine that ability with performance improvements, and new resources for validating everything from SQL to IIS to Docker containers, and you have the most robust InSpec ever at your fingertips in Chef DK 3! Find out more in our release announcement and InSpec 2.0 Webinar.

Get Chef DK 3 Today

Get hands-on with Chef DK 3.0, as well as past releases, by downloading the installer for your OS from

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