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Kubernetes is Now Available In Docker Desktop Stable Channel

Kubernetes is Now Available In Docker Desktop Stable Channel
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Back in January we made Kubernetes available in our Edge release channels for Docker Desktop on macOS and on Windows. Today we're excited to announce that Kubernetes orchestration has graduated to the Stable release channels for Docker Desktop!

Docker Desktop is the fastest and simplest way to get a Kubernetes cluster running on your desktop machine, while still giving you the freedom to choose Docker Swarm if you prefer. Docker Developer Advocate Elton Stoneman recently created a short video demonstrating Docker Desktop on both Windows and Mac. In the video, Elton demonstrates:

  • Enabling Kubernetes and alternating between Kubernetes and Swarm
  • Integrating Docker Desktop and containers in to your environment and workflow
  • Deploying .NET, NodeJS, and Java apps with Docker Desktop, including deploying to Kubernetes with a Compose file

Click image below to watch video:

Docker Desktop is simple to install on macOS and Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise, and is available at the links below. If you're already using Docker Desktop and you're in the Stable channel (which is default) then you should see an auto-update notification soon.


What You Can Do with Kubernetes on your desktop?

Docker Desktop is the most popular way to configure a Docker dev / test environment, and is each used everyday by millions of developers to build, test, and debug containerized apps. The beauty of building with Docker Desktop is that whether you're a macOS or Windows user, you can deploy the exact same set of Docker container images on your desktop as you do on your production systems with Docker Enterprise. Docker Desktop is certified for Kubernetes conformance, so you also know you're getting the real deal.

Docker Desktop is used to build, test and ship applications locally, then Docker Enterprise provides the ability to secure and manage production applications at scale. Docker Desktop eliminates the "it worked on my machine" problem because you run the same Docker containerized applications in development, test, and production environments, on your choice of Docker Swarm or Kubernetes for orchestration.

Send Us Your Feedback

Send us your feedback, ideas for improvement, bugs, complaints and more so we can make Docker Desktop better. You can use the Docker community forums (Mac or Windows) for general discussions and you can also directly file technical issues on Github (Mac or Windows).

#Kubernetes is now available in #Docker Desktop stable channel for both Windows and Mac.
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