Monday, August 6, 2018

The Cloudcast #357 - NFV, SDN, IoT from a Hackers Perspective

The Cloudcast #357 - NFV, SDN, IoT from a Hackers Perspective
// The Cloudcast (.NET)

Aaron talks with Ray Watson (@RayRedacted, VP of Global Technology, Masergy) about a wide range of emerging technology topics, including NFV, SDN, IoT, Hybrid Networking and Managed Security. They also explore the evolution of Hacking.

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Show Notes
  • Topic 1 - Ray, tell the listeners a little about yourself and your background. Your day job sounds cool, what does a VP of Global Technology do day to day?
  • Topic 2 - We haven't done an independent trends show in awhile. I wanted to step back today and pick your brain on a few topics. We've talked a good bit about most of these topics over the years but I admit some of these areas have lost their "buzz" in recent years. So, A bit of a lightning round: NFV, SDN, IoT
  • Topic 3 - You spoke at Black Hat in 2017, what was your topic and how was the experience? I've never been and pretty sure I shouldn't go...
  • Topic 4 - Your company, Masergy, was names as a Gartner Magic Quadrant Visionary for Network Services. I'm really interested in this category as I haven't followed it much in the past. Masergy seems to be an intersection of hybrid cloud networking and security. Does this mean you are more of a services/consulting organization utiliting other products or are you developing your own products? (lots of follow on questions to ask here based on answers) Hybrid Networking? Managed Security?
  • Topic 5 - What are some of the design and solutions challenges you face today? What pitfalls would you recommend listeners avoid when thinking about this space?
  • Topic 6 - I suspect this topic may be a little non-traditional for some of our listeners, where can folks go to learn more?


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