Monday, April 17, 2023

Protect Your Data, Protect Your Business with Citrix App Protection

The Citrix Workspace app houses everything you need for work, whether it’s traditional virtual apps and virtual desktops or internal web/SaaS apps with Secure Private access. It is designed to provide a secure and user-friendly environment for employees to access their work applications and data from anywhere, on any device. From managing finances to communicating with clients, users leverage apps daily to store and manage sensitive information. If that information was compromised, it could have devastating consequences for your organization. That’s why Citrix App Protection is more important than ever.

While you may have heard of similar sounding solutions, many only offer security while heavily trading off usability and productivity for your organization. Despite its name, App Protection is able to protect not only the Citrix Workspace app but all the resources within it. This includes virtual apps, virtual desktops, internal web apps and SaaS apps. With App Protection, you have granular control to apply checks on specific resources, only when needed. And all of this is available both with on-prem deployments and on the cloud – i.e., on both Storefront and Workspace.

Whether it’s to let you continue to be compliant with GDPR and PCI, meet your specific regions’/domains’ regulatory or compliance needs, detect and prevent data breaches, or just ensure a robust security posture even for your BYOD users, all roads lead to App Protection. With the growing number of use cases for App Protection, we found it only fitting to keep evolving our capabilities. Let’s take a look at what’s new with Citrix App Protection to help you further secure your environments.

What’s new with Citrix App Protection

You may be familiar with how App Protection saves you from unintentional screen sharing, screenshot malware and malicious keyloggers, but we’ve been busy improving the solution even further. If you use hybrid launch or browser based access to the Workspace app, we have recently added support for App Protection for both Workspace for Web users and Storefront for Web customers too with the Citrix Workspace Web extension and Storefront customizations respectively. This gives admins more flexibility with how they configure their environments with App Protection.

We are also excited to announce that we recently added a brand new capability in addition to anti-screen capturing and anti-keylogging. We now officially have support for Anti-DLL injection! With Anti-DLL injection, we detect and prevent DLL injection attacks on the Citrix Workspace app for Windows. If such an attack is detected, the user is informed, the attack blocked and the user can continue with their work. This ensures the Workspace app itself is not compromised with malicious code using the context of the legitimate Workspace app. We still understand that there may be some DLLs admins trust to load and they would still be allowed with a Module allow list.

The screenshot below showcases the popup for Anti-DLL injection:

And in support of keeping usability as a key driver in making our security more robust, we also released Contextual App protection last year for both Storefront and Workspace. Contextual App Protection allows administrators to create policies that dynamically adapt to the user’s context/device/network posture, ensuring that the user always has the right level of access and protection. For example, admins can apply it only when their employees are out of the office or only when the endpoint analysis scan is unsuccessful. These are just a couple of the many possibilities that let you use your knowledge of your environment to really make the best decisions for your organizations’ security needs. But security isn’t the only benefit of Contextual App Protection. By reducing the need for manual security interventions, the feature also improves productivity and reduces the burden on IT staff.

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As you can see, we are continuously introducing new capabilities to App Protection to continue to secure your most valuable resources. To take a closer look at App Protection, check out our product documentation. We’ve only just gotten started, so keep your eyes out for more exciting App Protection improvements in the months to come.

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