Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Simplify your app deployment with Citrix DaaS and Microsoft MSIX

Traditionally, Win32 and .NET framework applications integrate directly into the Windows OS and run co-dependently with all other apps, which has been a key to the Windows platform’s success. However, this approach can lead to poorly written applications that can potentially break functionality in other apps and even the OS itself.

To address these issues, Microsoft introduced MSIX a couple of years ago as its new packaging format, offering an improved approach to delivering Windows apps while preserving the strongest feature sets of existing app packages and install files.

At Citrix, we have worked with Microsoft to bring the new MSIX format to Citrix DaaS so you can leverage this new app delivery format from a single interface and more easily support your end users. Taking advantage of MSIX packaging brings guaranteed clean installs and uninstalls, creates isolation between apps, and provides a higher level of security for users’ environments.

Leveraging MSIX with Citrix DaaS

We’re pleased to share that Citrix DaaS can now deliver MSIX packaged applications to your endpoints using the following methods:

  • MSIX packages delivered from a network share
  • MSIX App Attach disk (MSIX packages mounted onto a single or multi-session App Attach disk from Azure Files or an on-prem network share)

Watch our recent Citrix Features Explained video below to see how simple publishing applications with MSIX App Attach and Citrix DaaS can be!

To configure MSIX, admins can just head over to the App Packages node in the Citrix DaaS console. They will first need to point to the file share containing the packages or disks in order to discover and inventory the applications. Next, they can publish the applications to their delivery groups as normal, and their end users will be able to launch the applications at the next logon.

For more information, please visit our App Packages product documentation.

The screenshot below showcases the delivery of MSIX packages from within the Citrix DaaS console.

Combined, the ease of MSIX and the robust functionality of Citrix DaaS can greatly improve your app management experience and deliver benefits including:

  • Familiar publishing paradigm – Treat packages like seamless apps
  • Ease of deployment: Admins can simply place the package or disk on a file share and add to their existing Delivery Groups.
  • Simplified application updates: To update apps, admins can repackage the updated application file and re-discover it in Web Studio. The next time users launch the app, they’ll get the updated version.
  • Reduced image sizes: MSIX applications can eliminate the need for installation locally.

Get Started

We are excited to continually bring innovation and new capabilities that provide greater flexibility to your app deployment. Learn more about MSIX and MSIX App Attach with Citrix DaaS on our product documentation and take advantage of the capabilities to simplify your overall application management strategy! If you have any questions or feedback, please share them in the comments below or reach out to your Citrix representative.

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