Monday, June 12, 2023

Citrix Endpoint Management: MAM SDK 23.4.0 for iOS is now available

Today we are excited to announce that MAM SDK 23.4.0 for iOS (Objective C / Swift) is now generally available to all Citrix Endpoint Management cloud and on-premises customers! In this release, we focused on enhancing the user experience, while simultaneously addressing bug fixes.

What’s new?

MAM SDK 23.4.0 for iOS introduces the ability for line of business apps or mobile productivity apps, such as Secure Mail and Secure Web, to require passcode (e.g. Citrix PIN) once users inactivity timer expires. This feature allows administrators to let iOS users in MDM + MAM or MAM-only scenarios, enter their already configured Citrix PIN – rather than their device passcode. This feature requires minimal administrator configuration (steps shown below).

We’ve also improved the user experience when transitioning from legacy MDX to MAM SDK for Secure Mail and Secure Web apps: As we continue our journey to deprecate legacy MDX by end of July 2023, this feature focuses on reducing the amount of app flips when transitioning from MDX to MAM SDK. It also removed unnecessary messaging prompts to reduce confusion (e.g. “Required Update” prompt).

Get started with MAM SDK 23.4.0 for iOS

Getting started with the MAM SDK 23.4.0 for iOS is simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Get the latest version of the iOS MAM SDK 23.4.0 (Objective C/ Swift) at GitHub if you are preparing your line-of-business apps with MAM SDK.
  2. Stay connected with our Citrix developers for help with any issues that arise or to share feedback to help guide future improvements. You can also open a Technical Support ticket.
  3. Secure Mail and Secure Web for iOS 23.5.0 or later are MAM SDK 23.4.0 ready and available in the Apple Store.
  4. Secure Hub for iOS 23.4.0 or later is required. You can download it in the Apple Store.

How do I secure my work MAM SDK apps with Citrix PIN?

Follow these simple steps to enable Citrix PIN for your iOS apps:

  1. Ensure you have configured Citrix PIN as outlined in our Citrix Documentation.
  2. To enable app passcode in your new MAM SDK 23.4.0 iOS app, go to the Citrix Endpoint Management administration console.
  3. Go to Configure > Apps.
  4. Upload the new iOS MAM SDK app.
  5. Under MDX policies, ensure to select App passcode ON.

Optional:  Based on your security needs, you can edit the Inactivity Timer value from its default (15 minutes) to be less or greater.

The inactivity timer is found under the Client Properties within the Citrix Endpoint Management administration console. For more information, refer to this section in the Citrix Documentation.

Optional: You can enable Touch ID feature to allow users unlock the app using biometrics. Click here for more info..

Migrate to MAM SDK Today

The end of life of legacy MDX technology is fast approaching (July 31, 2023), and we are committed to helping you with this transition. Learn more about MAM SDK in our product documentation or the Citrix Developer portal, and stay tuned for more updates on MAM SDK!

Don’t forget that MAM SDK iOS for Xamarin and Cordova are now generally available as well. You can find more information here.

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