Monday, September 18, 2023

Detecting a Phishing Email: 10 Things to Watch

As security professionals, we remain vigilant in identifying phishing attempts and actively seek information on defending against ransomware and phishing attacks. These topics hold paramount importance within the security community. It is well-known that phishing emails frequently serve as the initial catalyst for ransomware infections. To safeguard your organization, it is crucial to adopt proactive measures. 

Our primary objective in security awareness is to equip organizations with effective methods and insights to enhance detecting and preventing email-based attacks. The landscape of phishing is ever-evolving, and the attacks are becoming increasingly intricate, posing greater challenges in terms of detection and defense. 

You likely already know many of the indicators to keep an eye out for when detecting a phishing email. However, those who work in your organization may not. This shareable infographic provides you with a quick top ten list that you can use to educate your workforce on how to spot a phishing email. 

Want to spread more cybersecurity awareness within your organization? Download this infographic to share tips for detecting phishing emails! 

To learn how LogRhythm can help security teams detect and respond to phishing and compromised account attacks, watch our SIEM demo that explores a potential real-world attack scenario.  

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