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Citrix Secure Access Client: Plugin Management and SSO via Citrix Workspace app

In the world of hybrid work, organizations are looking to deliver software on managed and BYO devices as simply as possible to enhance the user’s remote access experience.

Citrix Secure Private Access (SPA) admins can easily manage multiple agents installed on their corporate and BYO devices. This new feature fully automates the end user’s login and authentication experience. A simple login to Citrix Workspace app can now single sign-on the end user to Citrix Secure Access client, establish a user tunnel, and seamlessly provide access to SPA applications.

This feature, along with the existing feature for automatic installation and updation of Citrix Secure Access client via Citrix Workspace app, gives a single-agent experience to end users. It simplifies agent management, configurations, and connectivity for Secure Private Access customers.

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of automatic agent deployment, configuration, and seamless single sign-on (SSO).

Secure Access client download and install via Citrix Workspace app (GA)

In this feature, the end user connects to a Citrix Workspace store via the Citrix Workspace app. As per admin configurations, Citrix Secure Access client is automatically downloaded and installed in the background via Citrix Workspace app on the end-user device. No end-user intervention is required to download or install the client on the device. (Note: This feature is already available in production environments.)

The screenshot shows Citrix Secure Access client and EPA agent automatic installation via Workspace app. Now, only Citrix Workspace app is required to manage other agents.

Automatic Client Connectivity and SSO without additional login prompt (Tech Preview) 

Here, the user logs onto the Citrix Workspace app. In the background, the Citrix Secure Access client starts automatically, and SSO to the same workspace store happens. The end user is not required to perform any manual login tasks on the Secure Access client, providing a seamless automated experience.

SSO initiated by Citrix Secure Access Client (Tech Preview) 

Let’s say the end user gets logged out of a Citrix Workspace store on the Secure Access client. In this case, if the end user tries to re-login to the same store, the Secure Access client will automatically SSO via Citrix Workspace app and successfully establish a connection again. 

Switching connections to different stores on Workspace app and then SSO to Secure Access client (Tech Preview) 

An end user, already connected to a Citrix Workspace store on Secure Access client, connects to a different Workspace store on the Citrix Workspace app. Here, the end user gets a prompt asking to switch connections to the newly connected Workspace store on the Secure Access client as well. It gives users a seamless way to switch and SSO to a different Workspace store without doing anything manually.

Overall, the above use cases enhance the user experience for both the end user and admins by fully automating the client installation and client connectivity process. 

To wrap up, let’s highlight the advantages:

  • End users are not required to log in to Citrix Secure Access agent manually. They are automatically single signed-on to the client via Citrix Workspace app.
  • A single login to Citrix Workspace app gives access to all SPA resources, i.e., internal Web and SaaS apps and TCP/UDP apps via Secure Access client.
  • Global App Config Service (GACS) service allows easy manageability, and admins have a single location to manage Citrix Secure Access client’s installation, updation, and SSO.
  • The feature reduces the proliferation of agents, simplifies agent management, and enhances login experiences for Secure Private Access customers.

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Unlock the potential of deploying required software to access corporate resources with the ability to seamlessly single sign-on between different agents! Citrix Secure Access client – Plugin Management and SSO via Citrix Workspace app is available for Windows and macOS. For more information and configuration details, please reachout to the author at or Rainer Hasenzagl at

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