Monday, October 23, 2023

NEW!!! Getting started landing page for Ansible Automation Platform on Azure

This blog is co-authored by Tomas Znamenacek and Hicham (he-sham) Mourad



We’re so excited to introduce you to the newest addition to Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform on Microsoft Azure – The new landing page! Now with new deployments, a single web page that consolidates all you need to know about Ansible Automation Platform on Azure, how to get started, as well as links to the Ansible Automation Platform applications, is now accessible.

Upon arriving at this getting started landing page, you will see three tiles on the overview page. You have the ability to launch each of the following Ansible applications from the tiles: automation controller, private automation hub, and automation analytics, as well as a direct link to the managed Azure product documentation.

The bottom portion of the overview page sets you up for success by providing links to all the enablement content you need. It specifically provides links to Ansible Automation Platform on Azure Knowledge Base articles, documentation, and how to contact and request support.  

Another important area is the “Managed Azure Maintenance and Feature Updates” that provides the link to the maintenance updates and feature releases to Ansible Automation Platform on Azure. Stay in the know!

I like to think of this landing page as “all you need to know, right at your fingertips!”

Moving to the left navigation menu, each of the options provides you more focused information regarding that capability.

Everything you need to know about automation controller before you get started is here: from release notes, to getting started with automation controller, to both the user and administrator guides.

How do I get Red Hat Ansible Certified automation content into private automation hub? How do I upload custom automation content that I may build, including collections and execution environments? All these questions and more are answered via the automation hub page links. Oh yes, you can also launch private automation hub directly from here in the top right corner.

With each of the Red Hat offerings that you may have subscribed to, you have access to a number of related Red Hat Insight services. The automation analytics page provides you information on Insight services, and launches directly to the Insight services that relate to Ansible Automation Platform. If you’re not taking advantage of these services, you should consider doing so, as there’s valuable information available with these services on how your automation is performing. The tiles on this page provide you all the information you need to get started with Insight services for Ansible Automation Platform.  

The automation analytics tile essentially provides you with the login page for Insights, where you can take advantage of these services, including automation hub to download Red Hat Ansible Certified Content Collections. Other menu options like reporting, savings planner, automation calculator and many more are available there as well.

How do I get started with this landing page?  Where do I go to find the link?

Once you’ve deployed Ansible Automation Platform on Azure through the Azure marketplace, you will see the managed application object in your Azure portal. Select the managed application object, and go to the “Parameters and Outputs'' view. Scroll down to the “Outputs” section and you will find the landing page URL. Enjoy!


What can I do next?

To learn more about Ansible Automation Platform on Microsoft Azure, please visit the page here.

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