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The secret to delivering a financial Trader Workstation

In a business where fractions of a second can have a real financial impact, the financial Trader Workstation use case exemplifies how VDI and DaaS technology deliver powerful solutions for mission critical operations. The key to building successful trader workstations is combining the right service provider with Citrix technology to deliver virtual desktops, anywhere.

Wipro virtuadesk is a desktop virtualization offering which has multiple success stories from the banking and financial sector. I sat down recently with Wipro virtuadesk Lead Architect Praveen Kumar Daduy to understand why Wipro chose Citrix for trader workstation use cases. Here is the summary:

Trader Workstations powered by proven technology

Citrix has been in the virtualization space for over 30 years, delivering continuous innovation and focus, which has established Citrix as a proven leader in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Though this technology is used across a variety of industries, Citrix solutions deliver secure, compliant, and user-friendly experiences for financial institutions and specifically traders.

a)      High Display Requirements

Most traders use multiple displays with high refresh rates, which requires powerful graphics technology. Citrix supports refresh rates of up to 120 FPS on an 1080p display for up to 8 displays. Citrix display enhancement technology also supports 3D graphic rendering, often used by traders to display data. This makes Citrix solutions a practical choice for delivering any kind of graphic to multiple displays on trader workstations.

b)      Service Continuity

The worst thing that can happen when traders are in the middle of a high value transaction is service unavailability. Citrix offers a variety of solutions to ensure service availability. This includes on-premises or DaaS deployments, or a hybrid of both to meet the continuity needs of traders. No matter what kind of architecture the financial institution has, Citrix solutions also include additional service continuity options like local cache and long lived tokens for even more support.

c)       Personalization Requirement

Split seconds matter when trading, so traders need their resources in the right place at the right time. Citrix allows users to customize their displays with Virtual Desktop Display in the Citrix Workspace App so traders can split each session monitor into multiple virtual monitors and customize DPI settings. Users can customize more than displays too, as Citrix supports most peripherals like Bloomberg Keyboards, printers, and other devices.

d)      Experience enhancements

Citrix is very focused on enhancing the user experience. With HDX adaptive display, throughput, and transport, user sessions are optimized for right codec, network buffers, and protocol (TCP or EDT). Citrix provides remote PC capabilities which lets users connect to a physical PC located in a data center from anywhere, without sacrificing performance. In addition to network connectivity and session experience optimization, Citrix also provides a unified way to aggregate all essential resources like published applications, on-premises desktop, remote desktops, cloud desktops, Windows 365 desktops, or Azure desktops through the Citrix Workspace App.

e)      Security controls

Extensive security and compliance regulations for banks and financial institutions means those institutions must implement technology that complies with those regulations. Citrix provides multiple security controls like watermarking, anti-screen capture, anti-keylogging, granular policies, and more security features. One of those additional features is Session Recording, which records user sessions for troubleshooting and compliance purposes. Citrix Analytics for Security also helps organizations proactively detect and resolve security threats by running security feeds through a machine learning model.

Now that organizations are moving away from VPN-only security models, Zero Trust Network Access is the most advanced security solution. Citrix Secure Private Access helps organizations build Zero Trust security into all corporate applications and works by not trusting any devices and continuously authenticating user sessions. However, as with any technology, the solution will not be effective unless implemented correctly. This is where a skilled service delivery partner comes in.

Powerful technology with the right service delivery

Wipro has developed a service delivery framework to create the best digital experience possible. Since financial industries are highly regulated, service delivery providers must comply with all regulations. Wipro virtuadesk ensures a compliant service delivery with seamless execution.

Wipro virtuadesk service delivery framework for traders includes the following:

  1. Managing consulting and advisory services to define trader workspaces based on trading use cases
  2. Standardizing design and architecture which is tested for trader specific requirements including user experience, performance, availability, and special peripherals
  3. Building a methodology which works with on-prem, cloud, or hybrid deployment options
  4. Regulating operational practices which are certified and compliant with industry regulations
  5. Delivering excellent customer care with concentrated support and automation

And the secret is the platform lead delivery which includes:

  1. Workspace Studio for the automated creation of high performance virtual workstations with the apps and data required for traders
  2. End-to-end monitoring with predictive analytics to identify issues before they happen to improve the availability of trader workstations.
  3. Continuous desired state monitoring to ensure compliance with operational and security baselines
  4. Continuous integration and continuous delivery of updates and upgrades
  5. Pre-defined configurations for the best user experience for traders including features like the number of displays, automatic redirection of peripherals, right codec, network buffers and right protocol, and enhanced security controls for remote access

Powerful workstations delivered with Citrix technology

When fractions of a second matter, financial institutions need technology that can keep up. High performing trader workstations require a simple user experience, Zero Trust security, and regulatory compliance. Citrix offers powerful solutions to deliver high-performing desktops to traders anywhere, on any device. Together with the Wipro virtuadesk compliant service delivery model, Citrix creates fast and secure trader workstations.

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