Tuesday, October 17, 2023

What’s new with HDX on mobile and tablets?

We’ve been working behind the scenes to improve your experience with Citrix Workspace app on mobile and tablet platforms. Whether you need better security, a more immersive experience, or to enable your diverse workforce with a desktop experience on mobile devices, Citrix has you covered. We want to make sure you are at your best, no matter where you or your team are.

Let’s take a look at some of the exciting new features on our apps.

FIDO 2 Support Within Session (iOS and Android)

We now support the latest standard provided by the FIDO Alliance as an alternative to password-based authentication. Users can now authenticate within their HDX sessions, such as logging into a website within a Windows Virtual Desktop, simply by leveraging the capabilities offered by the client device.

Prompt for using a FIDO 2 enabled Key

Improved Accessibility Support (iOS and Android)

We’ve worked alongside public and educational institutions to make our app and virtualization experience accessible for all end users. Common actions such as opening a virtual desktop or switching between applications within and outside the virtual environment are now more seamless. We’ve also reserved specific gestures for ease of use. This feature will be part of an upcoming release.

The client accessibility service works seamlessly with the VDA accessibility service

Day-0 Support (iOS and Android)

Citrix Workspace App for iOS and Android is ready on Day-0 to support the latest OS versions brought by Apple (iOS 17) and Google (Android 14) to your devices. When you’re ready to update, we’re ready to help you be even more productive from the get-go.

TLS 1.3 Support (iOS and Android)

Requiring just one round-trip for the handshake to occur, TLS 1.3 improves on the previous standard by establishing a connection significantly quicker and supporting stronger and modern encryption ciphers. Here, we continue to deliver on the latest security standards for our customers.

Printing from within Session to an AirPrint printer (iOS)

If your Airprint enabled printer is connected to your iOS device, you can now use that printer within your virtual session. The printer is automatically populated when you try to print a document inside your virtual desktop, and the resulting document will be printed out on your nearby printer seamlessly!

Fullscreen H.264 support for improved video rendering (Android)

If you frequently use your virtual desktop on Citrix Workspace app for Android to consume or create video content, or for 3D rendering use-cases, this feature is recommended for you. On GPU enabled VDAs, this feature allows for up to 60 FPS for a smooth video / work experience. 

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The improvements for mobile and tablet like TLS 1.3 support, FIDO 2 support, Day-0 support, and Airprint are here, offering features for you to enjoy right away. Download the latest Citrix Workspace app to use these new features. Check out the product documentation and What’s New pages (iOS / Android) for more information.

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