Thursday, November 2, 2023

The Citrix Master Class series is back!

Designed for Citrix administrators, we’re excited to bring back the Citrix Master Class webinar series for a deep dive on understanding and configuring new features!  With insights from our experts on configuration and successful deployment strategies, these events will put you on the fast track to rolling out new functionality. This series gives you more detail on topics covered previously in the What’s New and Next with Citrix webinar with more discussion and hands-on content.

Our first new Master Class on November 7th will cover new features for Citrix Secure Private Access and Autoscale on-premises, technologies that will open up new use cases while driving down costs. Register today to save your spot!

Citrix Secure Private Access for on-premises

If you register for our Master Class, you’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of how to configure different features for Citrix Secure Private Access and how to deliver a Zero Trust solution for on-premises apps. Specifically, we’ll cover how to configure adaptive access for more secure access to applications. Attendees will also gain a deeper understanding of contextual security controls per SaaS and internal web apps and the troubleshooting log dashboard. 

Citrix Autoscale for on-premises

Autoscale also got some major updates this year. Our Master Class will cover how to configure the most common settings in Autoscale along with how to maintain a consistent employee experience while reducing cloud costs. Lastly, we’ll go over how to build a hybrid, multi-cloud cloud burst deployment with Autoscale and dynamic provisioning. 

Register today!

If you have on-premises Citrix Secure Private Access or Autoscale, this Master Class will help you improve your configuration and take advantage of all the new features that Citrix has to offer. Make sure to register and keep an eye on our events page to keep up with all the new Master Classes in the works.

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