Thursday, January 4, 2024

Optimize Real-time Communications with Unified Communications SDK 3.0

Over the past year, the Citrix HDX team has focused on optimizing real-time communications. In line with our commitment to providing a user experience that matches or exceeds local performance, we are thrilled to announce the 3.0 release of our Unified Communications (UC) SDK, also known as the WebRTC SDK.

About the Unified Communications SDK

The Unified Communications SDK is designed for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) operating within real-time communications. Whether you are a Unified Communications vendor, a Cloud contact center provider, a Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provider, or offer any WebRTC-based communication solutions to your clientele, the UC SDK is ready to elevate your customers’ Citrix experience to new heights.

Citrix Unified Communications Architecture

Built following the WebRTC specification, the UC SDK is a JavaScript-based software development kit that seamlessly integrates with your Electron-based desktop applications or browser-based applications. This integration enables your applications to interface with our virtualization stack, allowing for remote call handling by our RTC media engine within the Citrix Workspace App.

With the UC SDK, you can seamlessly offload resource-intensive media rendering to the endpoint, saving Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) resources and ICA channel bandwidth while enhancing performance and quality. However, our partners have discovered innovative ways to harness our media engine to address many other challenges and use cases.

What’s new in the Unified Communications 3.0 SDK

In 3.0, we introduced several new features that support tighter integrations and a more branded, tailored user experience for your applications. The 3.0 release includes numerous enhancements to improve the SDK’s overall stability. Specifically for application developers, we have provided a comprehensive array of new APIs and customization options. 

Whether you are crafting a virtual workspace, collaboration platform, contact center, telehealth application, or any other real-time application, this new SDK empowers you to embed high-quality communications seamlessly.

It’s worth noting that certain features are exclusively available with the latest Citrix Workspace App CR versions. Therefore, we recommend using CWA 2307 or higher to take full advantage of the rich feature set of the SDK, with older CWA versions still supported and backward compatible. For the VDA, we recommend using 2203 LTSR or the latest CRs. Even if you are on 1912 LTSR, many vital features remain accessible.

Benefits of Unified Communications 3.0 SDK

  • Enhanced media processing performance
  • Reduced CPU and bandwidth usage
  • Support for Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS, and HTML5 endpoint platforms
  • Increased flexibility for customizing the user experience
  • Expanded API capabilities for advanced scenarios
  • Enhanced voice and video quality and reliability

Leverage the UC SDK 3.0 to transform your operations today

Embrace this new UC SDK 3.0 and transform your operations today! Join the group of Unified Communications partners who have seamlessly integrated our SDK, tapping into its many optimizations and solving diverse Citrix VDI use cases. We extend an open invitation to all ISVs developing WebRTC applications: collaborate with us on how your application can thrive on Citrix. The Citrix HDX team is here to empower your success.

Get started now: The Unified Communications SDK is free for ISV vendors. To sign up and explore the SDK, please join the Citrix Ready program by following this link.

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