Thursday, January 25, 2024

The Click-Down podcast: Season 3 continues!

Season 3 of The Click-Down podcast — your source for all things Citrix — is in full swing, and as we enter 2024, there is much more to come! 

Who is The Click-Down For?  We’re continuing to build this content specifically for Citrix administrators, architects, and anyone else who wants to geek out and stay updated on new features and services. The Click-Down brings the experts to you. If you know the difference between MCS and PVS or when to open Studio vs. heading straight to Director – these quick, informative sessions are for you.

So, what topics do we have in store for the second half of Season 3?

… and more! As we have done throughout season 3, we will continue to release episodes bi-weekly, and as always, each episode will be available on your podcast platform of choice. If you missed any earlier Season 3 episodes, they are always available on The Click-Down page.

Please join me for great conversations with fantastic Citrix experts! Subscribe on your favorite podcast app so you’ll never miss an episode. I can’t wait to see you on The Click-Down!

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