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Supercharge your Citrix Environment with Citrix ITSM and ServiceNow

This blog was co-authored by Wendy Gay, Director of Customer Success Management at Citrix.

If you’re a Citrix and ServiceNow customer, you could help your administrators reduce the amount of time spent on helpdesk activities and free up their time for value-add projects and organizational initiatives. The Citrix ITSM adapter integrates with ServiceNow to provide a plug-and-play solution that gives access to out-of-the-box workflows that automate common Citrix helpdesk tasks such as session reset, requesting apps and desktops, and troubleshooting technical issues. 

The Citrix ITSM adapter also supports the creation of custom workflows for additional flexibility,  allowing admins to create advanced automated tasks. The benefits of the Citrix ITSM adapter for ServiceNow include enabling self-service for employees for an enhanced user experience, IT automation, and consistent monitoring and reporting of your environment.

It’s worth mentioning that although the Citrix ITSM adapter for ServiceNow is a Citrix Cloud service, it supports both Citrix DaaS and on-premises Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (CVAD) deployments. For on-premises CVAD sites, it requires Site Aggregation configured to set up the connection with on-premises locations.

To help you get started quickly, we created a playlist on YouTube showing onboarding guidance as well as typical uses. Be sure to have a look.

Enhanced user experience with Citrix and ServiceNow

With the ITSM adapter for ServiceNow, you can quickly onboard new employees, provide self-service access to published apps and desktops, and resolve technical issues faster than ever. IT managers can integrate ServiceNow and Citrix ITSM adapter capabilities with existing communication and support tools such as Teams, Slack, or the new ServiceNow AI Virtual Agent and ServiceNow portal for faster time to resolution for common issues. 

By integrating with tools like Teams and Slack, organizations can provide better support experiences for employees and faster time to resolution to increase productivity. For more on how you can leverage the Virtual Agent, self-service, monitoring and ticket creation, and access to apps and desktops to improve the user experience, listen to the Citrix and ServiceNow episode on The Click-Down podcast.

Improved IT automation with the ITSM adapter

When leveraged together, Citrix and ServiceNow can automate repetitive tasks for IT administration through out-of-the-box administration workflows that will optimize your Citrix infrastructure management out of the gate, while providing the flexibility to create your custom automation workflows with Citrix ITSM APIs and the ServiceNow Flow designer. One use case for Citrix and ServiceNow automation is automating session resets for employees with the ServiceNow Virtual Agent. The Virtual Agent can reset an employee’s Citrix session in 30 seconds, making more productive employees and reducing the amount of time IT needs to spend on manual session resets.  

One customer, Novant Health, recovered thousands of hours of productive time with the Citrix ITSM adapter for ServiceNow by automating session resets. While providing care, healthcare staff would run into issues with secure CVAD sessions due to networking issues, forgotten passwords, and SSO and MFA policies. Before utilizing the Citrix ITSM adapter for ServiceNow, these manual session resets could take up to 15 minutes. Not only did that reduce employee productivity, it interrupted patient care processes. Now, with the ITSM adapter, session resets can be completed in 30 seconds, getting providers back to caregiving and patients back to being seen faster. 

Consistent monitoring, reporting, and provisioning

Citrix customers can also benefit from the automated provisioning, monitoring, and reporting features available through the ITSM adapter for ServiceNow. No matter where you host your Citrix workloads — on premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both — you can automate the provisioning of Machine Creation Services machines to make sure you always have the compute power you need, without the need for manual IT intervention. You can also automate the deletion of machines to make sure you are only utilising the resources you need. In addition, it allows you to subscribe to Citrix alerts and notifications which enables administrators to  automate ServiceNow incidents creation process. Read more about what the Citrix ITSM adapter for ServiceNow can do for you in our cost optimization white paper.

Get the most out of both your Citrix and ServiceNow investments

We continue to work closely with ServiceNow to add new features and functionality, so you can make the most out of both your Citrix and ServiceNow investments. For the latest information on what’s new with Citrix and ServiceNow, and information on how to configure the ITSM adapter, check the Citrix product documentation. If you haven’t already, start using the Citrix ITSM adapter for ServiceNow, and are excited by the productivity gains of enabling this service, then check out our documentation to get started.

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