Monday, March 18, 2024

Streamlining your workday with new customizable Citrix Cloud landing pages!

Administrators are busy people. Whether it’s solving troubleshooting issues, updating software, or playing around with new features there never seems to be enough time in the day to get it all done. You need a streamlined experience to help you achieve everything even faster.

Most Citrix administrators access the same parts of our Cloud Console every day. Other admins only have access to specific parts of the Citrix Cloud tenant, like Citrix Monitor. To help get you exactly where you need to go in the console, directly from login, we have developed our new Citrix Cloud landing page setting! Reduce the number of clicks it takes you to get to your preferred console, and hit the ground running straight from logon. 

In-console announcement of customized landing page

Use case

Currently when you login to Citrix Cloud, you are automatically brought to our Citrix Cloud dashboard which shows you all the cloud features you have access to:

Default landing page when logging into

This provides a good starting point within your Cloud account, however a lot of admins use the same pages everyday (such as the DaaS page to make changes) or only have access to parts of the tenant (like Monitor). With our new landing page feature, you are able to customize your landing page. 

The following pages are currently available, with more on the way:

  • DaaS
  • DaaS Monitor
  • NetScaler Console (formerly ADM Service)
  • General (platform functions)
  • WEM
  • Citrix Analytics
  • Citrix Analytics for Security
  • Citrix Analytics for Performance

This setting is optional and is set on a per account basis so each administrator can customize their own experience within Citrix Cloud. All admins (whether custom or full) have access to this feature. If you change your mind after configuring a landing page, you can always reset your account to the default home page. 

How to get started

Setting up your custom landing is quick and simple. Just go to Account Settings > Customization > My landing page to configure. The options you have are determined by the permissions your admin account has within the Citrix Cloud tenant.

Setting location in the console

To experience your newly configured landing page, log out of your account, open a new tab, and go to  or use your bookmark and sign in again. Note: if you sign in again on the same page where you just signed out, it will take you back to your last viewed page (Account Settings) instead of your new landing page. 

What’s next

We are working internally to onboard all the Cloud services into the landing page options. Comment below to tell us if there’s any specific pages you’d like to see added to this feature!

To try this feature out yourself, head over to and follow the instructions above.

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