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Announcing the Incoming 2024 Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) Class

It’s 2006. Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server and Password Manager are both mainstream products deployed across enterprise IT. Citrix has also just acquired a company called Reflectent which later would go on to become the Edgesight performance and load-testing solution. I have fond memories of supporting customers with these technologies upon joining Citrix those many years ago. That same year, there was another milestone moment that featured a different kind of release – the introduction of the Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) Program. A program for Citrix’s most elite technical champions, content producers, evangelists, and so much more.

18 years later as we’re well into 2024, CTPs have contributed in countless ways across the ecosystem. Whether writing blogs, hosting webinars, presenting at conferences, building scripts, providing product feedback, or contributing any number of other ways, the CTP Program and culture is truly something special that we’re very proud of. Personally, I’ve had the privilege of interacting with a number of CTPs over the years – even presenting alongside them at industry events. Their passion and commitment to Citrix technologies is just incredible (for some I occasionally wonder when they sleep ).

At the start of the year, I was given the opportunity to lead the CTP Program as the new Program Manager. I am incredibly excited yet humbled by this opportunity which has presented itself. I would like to thank my predecessors and everyone who has worked so hard over the years to elevate the program to where it is today. I pledge to do my best to keep the program true to its core principles of technical excellence, a collaborative spirit, and selfless sharing.

Without further ado, I’m incredibly pleased to welcome the new CTPs for 2024! These individuals were chosen based on their accomplishments, alignment to program goals, and peer feedback from current program members. A big congratulations to you all! I encourage everyone to reach out to these individuals on social media to amplify their well-deserved recognition.

Gaby Grau

Gaby works for Nutanix as an Advisory Solution Architect for EUC. She has decades worth of experience and is often found presenting on Nutanix and Citrix technologies around the globe. She’s passionate about creating the most impactful content possible and helping ensure others are successful. She’s also proud to represent “Women in Tech” telling her story of accomplishments and inspiring other women to pursue a career within the industry.

Jon Bucud

Jon is a former CTA and a steady contributor to Reddit, #CitrixIRC, the World of EUC, X (Twitter), and local technical events. He is committed to “elevating user experiences” including embracing many of Citrix’s HDX capabilities and seamless integration of CVAD and NetScaler. While maintaining strong technical aptitude, Jon also realizes the importance of fostering partnerships and collaborations within the ecosystem to ensure that business expectations are well-aligned to IT’s technical opportunities.

Mahammad Kubaib

Mohammad is an experienced cloud architect with a passion for teaching and making technical concepts clear to understand and implement. He has developed popular Udemy courses on Citrix technologies, wrote numerous technical blog posts on Citrix best practices and recommendations, and enjoys contributing to the broader Citrix ecosystem any way he can as an industry expert and public speaker. Working in the financial services space, he has real-world involvement with leveraging Citrix to elevate security standards and meet compliance requirements.

Ray Davis

Ray is a Florida-native who has a profound love for technology, blogging, and sharing practical knowledge with fellow IT enthusiasts. He’s also a former CTA and champion across many areas of the Citrix technology stack. Ray has presented and moderated a number of Citrix webinars on topics ranging from optimizing performance to system automation. Working in a consulting capacity, he’s helped organizations solve critical app delivery challenges across various use cases and verticals.

Serdar Göksu

Serdar is considered a global SME for VDI technologies with extensive experience using Citrix. He is a Citrix Certified Instructor and former CTA who enjoys sharing his technical knowledge on his blog site and through social media. Serdar helps to organize webinars on Citrix topics and learns the details of each Citrix platform and release to allow organizations to easily embrace the latest capabilities within their infrastructure. 

Current CTPs

The following individuals have been renewed as CTPs for the 2024 calendar year. Thank you all for your continued contributions and commitment to Citrix technologies!

Adam Clark, Alex Cooper, Alexander Ervik Johnsen, Andy Paul, Anton van Pelt, Arnaud Pain, Bart Jacobs, Benjamin Crill, Benny Tritsch, Carl Stalhood, Carl Webster, Craig Stones, Dane Young, Donald Wong, Eduardo Molina, Esther Barthel, Fredrik Brattstig, George Spiers, Guy Leech, Henry Heres, James Kindon, James Rankin, Jan Tytgat, Jarian Gibson, Joe Shonk, Julian Jakob, Julian Mooren, Kees Baggerman, Leee Jeffries, Mads Behrendt Petersen, Manuel Winkel, Matthias Schlimm, Mick Hilhorst, Mike Streetz, Neil Spellings, Patrick Coble, Patrick van den Born, Remko Weijnen, Rene Bigler, Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk, Sacha Thomet, Sam Jacobs, Samuel Legrand, Sarah Vogt, Scott Osborne, Shane Kleinert, Shane O’Neill, Steve Greenberg, Thomas Krampe, Thomas Poppelgaard, Thomas Preischl, Thorsten Rood, Tim Mangan, Trond Eirik Haavarstein

For a full list of all current awardees, please visit the CTP awardees page. More information about the program is available on the CTP Program page. If you think you have what it takes to join the CTP Program, look for the 2025 Class application blog coming later this year.

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