Tuesday, April 30, 2024

uberAgent 7.2: Optimize Data, Elevate Security!

More than just an incremental upgrade! The release of uberAgent 7.2 represents a comprehensive evolution in cybersecurity defenses and the enhancement of End-user Computing experience (EUCx), as the agent capabilities for macOS endpoints have dramatically increased since the last version.

This release simultaneously marks a pivotal moment for enterprises seeking flexibility in their choice for a data backend – whether they aim to migrate from Splunk to Azure, or look to provide metrics and insights to other teams, such as threat hunters or a SOC team simultaneously.

Multi-Destination Streaming

One of the standout features of uberAgent ever since has been its ability to multiplex data to multiple backends such as Azure and Splunk simultaneously. 

With the latest release this functionality has been enhanced and allows businesses, in addition to Azure Monitor, to leverage the robust data analytics and processing capabilities of Azure Data Explorer.

This multi-destination metric streaming is accomplished without any additional resource consumption by the agent, ensuring that your IT infrastructure remains unburdened and highly efficient. Speaking of efficiency – Customers confirm just 0.5% CPU load and 30-60 MB of RAM added on top, when running uberAgent on endpoints.

Enhanced Threat Hunting with Azure Sentinel Integration

With the inclusion of Azure Data Explorer support, uberAgent now seamlessly integrates into the Azure ecosystem, facilitating more advanced threat hunting and cybersecurity analytics. 

Organizations can utilize Azure Sentinel to orchestrate security alerts and automate responses based on the rich telemetry data provided by uberAgent. This integration empowers IT security teams to detect, investigate, and respond to potential security threats swiftly and effectively.

Citrix Analytics for Security in addition provides data export and event streaming to Sentinel and comes with all the dashboards to interpret data and visualize data. 

This way Citrix uberAgent and Citrix Analytics help customers to address and provide end-to-end observability to Sentinel. Unmanaged 3rd party contractor devices are covered with the agentless approach of Citrix Analytics, while managed endpoints are observed with the agent based approach of uberAgent. 

Expanded Support for macOS: Elevating Security and Compliance

Speaking of security, the recent 7.2 release also broadens the available insights looking at macOS users & devices. uberAgent’s “Security & Compliance Inventory” feature now supports in addition to Windows client and server operating systems also virtual and physical macOS endpoints. 

This feature is crucial for organizations embracing remote work and hybrid IT environments, where macOS is increasingly prevalent.

Moreover, from a performance standpoint, the update enhances the monitoring capabilities for macOS by providing detailed insights into the existing “application hangs and crashes” dashboard of uberAgent UXM. 

This screenshot displays uberAgent UXM’s Stop Errors macOS (Kernel Panics) dashboard, which provides detailed information about crashes on macOS-based workloads.

This enhancement is particularly beneficial for businesses remotely accessing their macOS devices and virtual machines, leveraging the new macOS Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDA) on Citrix DaaS

Since uberAgent can be deployed on any virtual or physical endpoint, regardless of the presence of any other Citrix components, organizations are well-positioned to enhance their security and digital employee experience monitoring capabilities.

Conclusion: A Strategic Asset for Forward-Thinking Enterprises

The uberAgent UXM 7.2 release is more than just an update; it represents a strategic asset for enterprises aiming to enhance their End-User Computing experience (EUCx) while bolstering cybersecurity observability. 

With roughly 0.5% added CPU load for both performance and security monitoring purposes, uberAgent acts as the perfect companion for every EDR, XDR, or SIEM solution.

By providing detailed analytics with the help of uberAgent ESA’s Threat Detection Engine (TDE), Citrix empowers organizations to not only react to the present, but also strategically prepare for the future IT landscape.
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To learn more about Citrix uberAgent, or to see it live in action, get in contact with your Citrix Partner or local Citrix account team.

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