Thursday, May 9, 2024

CrowdStrike Cloud Security Defines the Future of an Evolving Market

Today’s businesses are building their future in the cloud. They rely on cloud infrastructure and services to operate, develop new products and deliver greater value to their customers. The cloud is the catalyst for digital transformation among organizations of all sizes and industries.

But while the cloud powers immeasurable speed, growth and innovation, it also presents risk. The adoption of cloud technologies and modern software development practices have driven an explosion in the number of services, applications and APIs organizations rely on. For many, the attack surface is larger than ever — and rapidly expanding.

Adversaries are taking advantage of the shift. Last year, CrowdStrike observed a 75% increase in cloud intrusions and a 110% spike in cloud-conscious incidents, indicating threat actors are increasingly adept at breaching and navigating cloud environments. Cloud is the new battleground for modern cyber threats, but most organizations are not prepared to fight on it.

It’s time for a pivotal change in how organizations secure their cloud environments. CrowdStrike’s vision is to simplify and scale cloud security through a single, unified platform so security teams can protect the business with the same agility as their engineering colleagues. Our leadership in cloud security demonstrates our results so far: Most recently, we were recognized as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Cloud Workload Security, Q1 2024 and a global leader in Frost & Sullivan’s Frost Radar: Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms, 2023.

Today, our commitment to cloud security innovation continues. I’m thrilled to announce the general availability of CrowdStrike Falcon Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) and the expansion of our cloud detection and response (CDR) capabilities. Let’s dive into the details.

CrowdStrike CNAPP Extends Cloud Security to Applications

With the integration of ASPM into Falcon Cloud Security, CrowdStrike brings together the most critical CNAPP capabilities in a single, cloud-native platform, delivering the deep visibility, DevOps workflow integrations and incident response capabilities teams need to secure their cloud infrastructure and applications.

The demand for strong application security has never been greater: 71% of organizations report releasing application updates at least once a week, 23% push updates multiple times per week and 19% push updates multiple times per day. Only 54% of major code changes undergo a full security review before they’re deployed to production. And 90% of security teams use 3+ tools to detect and prioritize application vulnerabilities, making prioritization a top challenge for most.

CrowdStrike now delivers a unified CNAPP platform that sets a new standard for modern cloud security with:

  • Business Threat Context: DevSecOps teams can quickly understand and prioritize high-risk threats and vulnerabilities affecting sensitive data and the mission-critical applications organizations rely on most.
  • Deep Runtime Visibility: With comprehensive monitoring across runtime environments, security teams can rapidly identify vulnerabilities across cloud infrastructure, workloads, applications, APIs, GenAI and data to eliminate security gaps.
  • Runtime Protection: Fueled by industry-leading threat intelligence, Falcon Cloud Security detects and prevents cloud-based threats in real-time.
  • Industry-Leading MDR and CDR: By unifying industry-leading managed threat hunting and deep visibility across cloud, identity and endpoints, CrowdStrike’s CDR accelerates detection and response across every stage of a cloud attack, even as threats move laterally from cloud to endpoint.
  • Shift-Left Security: By embedding security early in the application development lifecycle, Falcon Cloud Security enables teams to proactively address potential issues, streamlining development and driving efficiency across development and security operations.

Application security is cloud security — but no vendor has successfully incorporated a way to protect the apps that companies build to support business-critical functions and drive growth and revenue. CrowdStrike now provides a single, holistic solution for organizations to secure everything they create and run in the cloud.

CrowdStrike Expands Cloud Detection and Response Leadership

CrowdStrike’s unified approach to CDR brings together world-class adversary intelligence, elite 24/7 threat hunting services and the industry’s most complete CNAPP. We are expanding our threat hunting with unified visibility across and within clouds, identities and endpoints to stop every stage of a cloud attack — even as threats move laterally from cloud to endpoint.

Our new CDR innovations are built to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive CDR service, drive consolidation across cloud security operations and stop breaches. This release empowers users to:

  • Protect Cloud Control Planes: Beginning with Microsoft Azure, CrowdStrike expands visibility into cloud control plane activity, complimenting existing threat hunting for cloud runtime environments.
  • Stop Cloud Identity Threats: Our unified platform approach enables cloud threat hunters to monitor and prevent compromised users and credentials from being exploited in cloud attacks.
  • Prevent Lateral Movement: The CrowdStrike Falcon platform enables CrowdStrike cloud threat hunters to track lateral movement from cloud to endpoint, facilitating rapid response and actionable insights for decisive remediation from indicators to root cause.

By uniting industry-leading managed threat hunting and deep visibility across cloud, identity and endpoints, CrowdStrike accelerates detection and response at every stage of a cloud attack. Our threat hunters rapidly detect, investigate and respond to suspicious behaviors and new attacker tradecraft while alerting customers of the complete attack path analysis of cloud-based threats.

Stop Breaches from Code to Cloud with CrowdStrike

Traditional approaches to securing cloud environments and applications have proven slow and ineffective. Security teams are overwhelmed with cybersecurity tools and alerts but struggle to gain the visibility they need to prioritize threats. Security engineers, often outnumbered by developers, must secure applications developed at a rapid pace. Tool fragmentation and poor user experience has led to more context switching, stress and frustration among security practitioners, and greater risk for organizations overall.

CrowdStrike, the pioneer of cloud-native cybersecurity, was born in the cloud to protect the cloud. We have been consistently recognized for our industry-leading cloud security strategy. Our innovations announced today continue to demonstrate our commitment to staying ahead of modern threats and building the technology our customers need to stop breaches.

Businesses must act now to protect their cloud environments — and the mission-critical applications and data within them — from modern adversaries. CrowdStrike is here to help.

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