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CrowdStrike Collaborates with NVIDIA to Redefine Cybersecurity for the Generative AI Era

Your business is in a race against modern adversaries — and legacy approaches to security simply do not work in blocking their evolving attacks. Fragmented point products are too slow and complex to deliver the threat detection and prevention capabilities required to stop today’s adversaries — whose breakout time is now measured in minutes — with precision and speed.

As technologies change, threat actors are constantly refining their techniques to exploit them. CrowdStrike is committed to driving innovation for our customers, with a relentless focus on building and delivering advanced technologies to help organizations defend against faster and more sophisticated threats.

CrowdStrike is collaborating with NVIDIA in this mission to accelerate the use of state-of-the-art analytics and AI in cybersecurity to help security teams combat modern cyberattacks, including AI-powered threats. The combined power of the AI-native CrowdStrike Falcon® XDR platform and NVIDIA’s cutting-edge computing and generative AI software, including NVIDIA NIM, delivers the future of cybersecurity with community-wide, AI-assisted protection with the organizational speed and automation required to stop breaches.

“Cybersecurity is a data problem; and AI is a data solution,” said Bartley Richardson, NVIDIA’s Director of Cybersecurity Engineering and AI Infrastructure. “Together, NVIDIA and CrowdStrike are helping enterprises deliver security for the generative AI era.”

AI: The Great Equalizer

Advancements in generative AI present a double-edged sword in the realm of cybersecurity. AI-powered technologies create an opportunity for adversaries to develop and streamline their attacks, and become faster and stealthier in doing so.

Having said that, AI is the great equalizer for security teams. This collaboration between AI leaders empowers organizations to stay one step ahead of adversaries with advanced threat detection and response capabilities. By coupling the power of CrowdStrike’s petabyte-scale security data with NVIDIA’s accelerated computing infrastructure and software, including new NVIDIA NIM inference microservices, organizations are empowered with custom and secure generative AI model creation to protect today’s businesses.

Figure 1. Use Case: Detect anomalous IPs with Falcon data in Morpheus

Driving Security with AI: Combating the Data Problem

CrowdStrike creates the richest and highest fidelity security telemetry, on the order of petabytes daily, from the AI-native Falcon platform. Embedded in the Falcon platform is a virtuous data cycle where cybersecurity’s very best threat intelligence data is collected at the source, preventative and generative models are built and trained, and CrowdStrike customers are protected with community immunity. This collaboration helps Falcon users take advantage of AI-powered solutions to stop the breach, faster than ever.

Figure 2. Training with Morpheus with easy-to-use Falcon Fusion workflow automation

Figure 3. Query Falcon data logs for context-based decisions on potential ML solutions


Joint customers can meet and exceed necessary security requirements — all while increasing their adoption of AI technologies for business acceleration and value creation. With our integration, CrowdStrike can leverage NVIDIA accelerated computing, including the NVIDIA Morpheus cybersecurity AI framework and NVIDIA NIM, to bring custom LLM-powered applications to the enterprise for advanced threat detection. These AI-powered applications can process petabytes of logs to help meet customer needs such as:

  • Improving threat hunting: Quickly and accurately detect anomalous behavior indicating potential threats, and search petabytes of logs within the Falcon platform to find and defend against threats.
  • Identifying supply chain attacks: Detect supply chain attack patterns with AI models using high-fidelity security telemetry across cloud, identities and endpoints.
  • Protecting against vulnerabilities: Identify high-risk CVEs in seconds to determine whether a software package includes vulnerable or exploitable components.

Figure 4. Model evaluation and prediction with test data

The Road Ahead

The development work undertaken by both CrowdStrike and NVIDIA underscores the importance of advancing AI technology and its adoption within cybersecurity. With our strategic collaboration, customers benefit from having the best underlying security data to operationalize their selection of AI architectures with confidence to prevent threats and stop breaches.

At NVIDIA’s GTC conference this year, we highlighted the bright future ahead for security professionals using the combined power of Falcon data with NVIDIA’s advanced GPU-optimized AI pipelines and software. This enables customers to turn their enterprise data into powerful insights and actions to solve business-specific use cases with confidence.

By continuing to pioneer innovative approaches and delivering cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions for the future, we forge a path toward a safer world, ensuring our customers remain secure in the face of evolving cyber threats.

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