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On-Premises Is Here To Stay and so is Citrix XenMobile Server

In today’s cloud-centric world, it’s easy to believe that on-premises (on-prem) infrastructure is a relic of the past. However, the reality is far more nuanced. On-prem solutions continue to offer significant advantages for many businesses. We at Cloud Software Group are committed to providing robust on-prem solutions alongside our cloud offerings. That’s exactly why we are investing heavily in Citrix Endpoint Management for On-Premises, aka Citrix XenMobile Server, along with our Cloud solution.

The Right Choice for Your Business

The decision to stay on-premises hinges on your specific requirements, including:

  • Industry Regulations: Certain industries have stringent data privacy regulations that may necessitate an on-premises approach.
  • Data Sensitivity: If you handle highly sensitive information, on-premises deployment might offer the peace of mind of complete control.
  • IT Expertise: Organizations with a robust IT team that is well-versed in on-premises management can effectively leverage their existing infrastructure.
  • Scalability Needs: While on-premises solutions can scale, cloud deployments often offer greater ease of scaling to meet fluctuating demands.

We understand your requirements, and we are here to support your journey.

Dive into Our Feature-Filled Citrix XenMobile Server Release 10.16, which includes:

  • Modernizing Filtering and Sorting In Device enrollment

Gone are the days of endlessly scrolling. Our new column filters empower you to target the exact information you need with pinpoint accuracy. 

  • Each list column now boasts its own filter menu. Simply click on the column and choose the criteria you desire.  
  • Combine multiple filters to create hyper-targeted views of your data. 

Our intuitive interface allows you to combine filters across different columns effortlessly.

Toggle the “Show New View” and see yourself.

***The new device page is under Tech Preview. Please provide your feedback here.

  • Significant improvements to our database performance

Experience faster loading times and a more responsive system when using

Device page with a large number of managed devices. The load time has significantly reduced to up to 50%.

  • Knox Platform for Enterprise Key device policy

This policy allows you to push your Samsung Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) license key to the devices enrolled in the Android Enterprise platform for Samsung Knox version 3.0 or later.

  • Clone a complex delivery group 

This feature lets you copy a complex delivery group, which includes multiple policies, apps, and actions. You can then edit the copy and, for example,  add enrollment profiles or a new set of Active Directory users.

  • Support for Apple Business Manager for shared iPads

This feature allows you to sign in to the shared iPads using the ABM accounts.

  • Delete All Users for shared iPads

A new security action, Delete All users, has been added for shared iPads in the XenMobile Server. This action allows you to easily delete all the users on the device.

  • App attributes device policy supports new iOS app attributes

You can now specify the following attributes for apps installed on iOS devices:

  • Removable app: Specify whether the user is allowed to remove a managed app.
  • Enable associated domain direct download: Specify whether the app can directly perform the claimed site association verification at the domains.
  • Associated Domains: Specify the associated domains to add to an app.

  • RBAC applied to Devices & Apps reports

Previously, the Devices & Apps reports page displayed information about all devices and apps for all users irrespective of their user group, even if role-based access control (RBAC) was applied.

Starting from the XenMobile Server 10.16 release, the Devices & Apps reports page displays the devices and apps specific to the user groups defined in the To specific user groups that the RBAC role has permission to manage.

  • Support to sync or override Synced Exchange Services for iOS

You can choose whether to sync or override the following synced Exchange Services for iOS by enabling the relevant settings. 

    • Calendars
    • Contacts
    • Mail
    • Notes
    • Reminders

  • Reset Control OS Updates device policy to system default

A new value Default is added to the System update policy dropdown list under Control OS Updates for Android Enterprise. This feature allows you to reset the System update policy to system default.

  • Specify the OS version to use to update the supervised iOS devices

In the OS Update policy for the iOS platform, a new option for OS updates version is added .This option lets you specify the OS version used to update the supervised iOS devices.

  • Support for auto-update of optional apps in iOS

A new server property named `apple.ios.optional_app_update` is added. This property allows you to auto-update the optional apps in iOS. The default value is set as False.

  • New settings in Restrictions device policy and Exchange device policy for iOS

Added the following new settings in the Restrictions policy for iOS:

  • Allow boot to recovery by an unpaired device
  • Install rapid security response
  • Remove rapid security response
  • Allow mail privacy protection
  • NFC
  • Allow App clips
  • Allow Apple personalized advertising
  • Auto unlock
  • Support Network Access Control

Use the Network Access Control (NAC) solution to extend the XenMobile device security assessment for Android and Apple devices. The NAC solution uses the XenMobile security assessment to facilitate and handle authentication decisions. After you configure the NAC appliance, the device policies and NAC filters configured in XenMobile get enforced. Using XenMobile with an NAC solution adds QoS and more granular control over devices that are internal to your network. 

Citrix supports these solutions for integration with XenMobile:

  • Citrix Gateway
  • Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)
  • ForeScout

For more information, go here:

  • Device report enhancement for Total App Deployment Attempts and Top 100 Installed Apps

On the XenMobile Server Console Analyze -> Reporting, two new columns, “Operating system version” and “Device model”, are added in Total App Deployment Attempts.

A new device report, Top 100 Installed Apps, is added to show the top 100 apps installed for each platform. 

  • Support for mixed license types with XenMobile Server

This feature allows you to activate a mixture of XenMobile license types and editions using either XenMobile Server or Citrix Licensing Server.

  • eSim support on iOS devices

A new server property, ``, has been introduced to get the eSim information and display it on the console. The default value of this property is “true”. 

  • Added new fields OAuth sign-in URL and OAuth token request URL in the Exchange device policy settings for iOS

  • VPN device policy for Android Enterprise platform

Now, you can enable always-on VPN service for devices running on Android Enterprise by enabling the Enable Always-On VPN option in the VPN device policy. If you have already enabled this option in the XenMobile Options device policy in a previous release, then make sure you enable the same in the VPN device policy again for the newly enrolled devices. No changes are required for the devices that are enrolled already.

  • Added new field Profile scope under Webclip Policy Settings for iOS

For iOS devices, a new field named Profile scope is added under the Policy Settings in the Webclip device policy. This allows you to select whether the policy applies to a user or a system.

  • Added a new mandatory field “Domain” in the 802.1x settings for Android Enterprise

The Android Enterprise platform network policy settings page now has a new field Domain for the 802.1x EAP authentication type.

  • Update deployment rule for the public store app using REST API

A new field named rules is added to the “Add New Public Store App” and “Update Public Store App” REST APIs. This allows you to update the deployment rules for the public store app.

  • Support for Enterprise apps on macOS devices

XenMobile Server has a new property, ``, which enables the support of Enterprise apps on devices running macOS. The default value of this property is True.

Wow! Now, that’s what I call a feature-packed release! Ready to explore?

To get you prepared for Citrix XenMobile Server 10.16, make sure to follow the below instructions:

  • For upgrades, go here.
  •  For new installations, go – here.

Please note that Citrix XenMobile Server supports the N-1 release model. For continuous support, make sure to be on version 10.16 or 10.15.

Don’t Miss Out! Upgrade to Our Latest On-Prem Release Now.

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