Wednesday, July 30, 2014

v0.83 released [feedly]

v0.83 released
// Ceph

Another Ceph development release! This has been a longer cycle, so there has been quite a bit of bug fixing and stabilization in this round. There is also a bunch of packaging fixes for RPM distros (RHEL/CentOS, Fedora, and SUSE) and for systemd. We've also added a new librados-striper library from Sebastien Ponce that provides a generic striping API for applications to code to.


  • The experimental keyvaluestore-dev OSD backend had an on-disk format change that prevents existing OSD data from being upgraded. This affects developers and testers only.
  • mon-specific and osd-specific leveldb options have been removed. From this point onward users should use 'leveldb_' generic options and add the options in the appropriate sections of their configuration files. Monitors will still maintain the following monitor-specific defaults:

    leveldb_write_buffer_size = 32*1024*1024 = 33554432 // 32MB leveldb_cache_size = 512*1024*1204 = 536870912 // 512MB leveldb_block_size = 64*1024 = 65536 // 64KB leveldb_compression = false leveldb_log = ""

    OSDs will still maintain the following osd-specific defaults:

    leveldb_log = ""


  • ceph-disk: fix dmcrypt support (Stephen Taylor)
  • cephtool: fix help (Yilong Zhao)
  • cephtool: test cleanup (Joao Eduardo Luis)
  • doc: librados example fixes (Kevin Dalley)
  • doc: many doc updates (John Wilkins)
  • doc: update erasure docs (Loic Dachary, Venky Shankar)
  • filestore: disable use of XFS hint (buggy on old kernels) (Samuel Just)
  • filestore: fix xattr spillout (Greg Farnum, Haomai Wang)
  • keyvaluestore: header cache (Haomai Wang)
  • librados_striper: striping library for librados (Sebastien Ponce)
  • libs3: update to latest (Danny Al-Gaaf)
  • log: fix derr level (Joao Eduardo Luis)
  • logrotate: fix osd log rotation on ubuntu (Sage Weil)
  • mds: fix xattr bug triggered by ACLs (Yan, Zheng)
  • misc memory leaks, cleanups, fixes (Danny Al-Gaaf, Sahid Ferdjaoui)
  • misc suse fixes (Danny Al-Gaaf)
  • misc word size fixes (Kevin Cox)
  • mon: drop mon- and osd- specific leveldb options (Joao Eduardo Luis)
  • mon: ec pool profile fixes (Loic Dachary)
  • mon: fix health down messages (Sage Weil)
  • mon: fix quorum feature check (#8738, Greg Farnum)
  • mon: 'osd crush reweight-subtree …' (Sage Weil)
  • mon, osd: relax client EC support requirements (Sage Weil)
  • mon: some instrumentation (Sage Weil)
  • objecter: flag operations that are redirected by caching (Sage Weil)
  • osd: clean up shard_id_t, shard_t (Loic Dachary)
  • osd: fix connection reconnect race (Greg Farnum)
  • osd: fix dumps (Joao Eduardo Luis)
  • osd: fix erasure-code lib initialization (Loic Dachary)
  • osd: fix extent normalization (Adam Crume)
  • osd: fix loopback msgr issue (Ma Jianpeng)
  • osd: fix LSB release parsing (Danny Al-Gaaf)
  • osd: improved backfill priorities (Sage Weil)
  • osd: many many core fixes (Samuel Just)
  • osd, mon: config sanity checks on start (Sage Weil, Joao Eduardo Luis)
  • osd: sharded threadpool to improve parallelism (Somnath Roy)
  • osd: simple io prioritization for scrub (Sage Weil)
  • osd: simple scrub throttling (Sage Weil)
  • osd: tests for bench command (Loic Dachary)
  • osd: use xfs hint less frequently (Ilya Dryomov)
  • pybind/rados: fix small timeouts (John Spray)
  • qa: xfstests updates (Ilya Dryomov)
  • rgw: cache bucket info (Yehuda Sadeh)
  • rgw: cache decoded user info (Yehuda Sadeh)
  • rgw: fix multipart object attr regression (#8452, Yehuda Sadeh)
  • rgw: fix radosgw-admin 'show log' command (#8553, Yehuda Sadeh)
  • rgw: fix URL decoding (#8702, Brian Rak)
  • rgw: handle empty extra pool name (Yehuda Sadeh)
  • rpm: do not restart daemons on upgrade (Alfredo Deza)
  • rpm: misc packaging fixes for rhel7 (Sandon Van Ness)
  • rpm: split ceph-common from ceph (Sandon Van Ness)
  • systemd: wrap started daemons in new systemd environment (Sage Weil, Dan Mick)
  • sysvinit: less sensitive to failures (Sage Weil)
  • upstart: increase max open files limit (Sage Weil)



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