Thursday, November 13, 2014

CoreOS Brings Kubernetes to Any Cloud Platform [feedly]

CoreOS Brings Kubernetes to Any Cloud Platform
// CoreOS Blog

If you aren't familiar with Kubernetes, it is a container cluster manager from Google that offers a unique workflow for managing containers across multiple machines. We have written about Kubernetes and CoreOS in a tutorial series (Part 1, Part 2) here for those wanting to learn more. Last week Google announced Google Container Engine, which enables you to run and manage Docker containers on Google Cloud Platform's virtual machines.

But for those wanting to run Kubernetes outside of Google Cloud Platform or ensure workload mobility, CoreOS provides an easy way to use Kubernetes in any cloud or on-prem environment. CoreOS maintains a full tutorial on running an elastic Kubernetes cluster on EC2. Running Kubernetes on non-Google platforms is made possible by the CoreOS project flannel, which provides cross-container networking on any cloud provider.

In addition to flannel, Kubernetes utilizes another CoreOS project, etcd, as its distributed k/v store. etcd was inspired by a paper written by Google and was developed by CoreOS because an open-source solution to this important piece of instrastructure didn't exist. It is exciting to see this effort come full circle as etcd used as a key piece of Kubernetes.

Join us in IRC or on GitHub to learn more. Or explore our documentation on how to get started with CoreOS


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