Thursday, November 13, 2014

Weekend Enjoyment: CoreOS Deployment Videos [feedly]

Weekend Enjoyment: CoreOS Deployment Videos
// CoreOS Blog

For your weekend enjoyment, we've posted a few videos that showcase unique CoreOS deployments. First, Playstation walks through how their developers set up structured but customizable dev environments for their software teams using CoreOS, docker and systemd-nspawn.

For application testing, MemSQL runs a 107 machine CoreOS cluster. To obtain the most accurate and consistent results, this cluster must run on bare metal and CoreOS was the perfect tool for the job.

Production application deployments on CoreOS are highly extensible by design. Layer shows us how CoreOS runs the infrastructure to support their unique communications platform. Mailgun has developed an etcd-aware load balancer that handles traffic routing for their API infrastructure. Both examples show how CoreOS enables platform versatility and increases the productivity of your devops team.

We hope these videos have inspired you to start hacking on your CoreOS-powered infrastructure this weekend. Enjoy!


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