Wednesday, February 4, 2015

ChefDK 0.4.0 Released! [feedly]

ChefDK 0.4.0 Released!
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Ohai Chefs!

Today we released ChefDK 0.4.0. As promised in an earlier blog post, this release includes the latest stable version of Chef Client. Other than that, we've gone through and updated a lot of packages that ship with ChefDK.  These include:

  • chef 12.0.3
  • chefspec 4.2.0
  • chef-provisioning 0.18
  • chef-provisioning-aws 0.2.1
  • chef-provisioning-fog 0.12
  • chef-vault 2.4.0
  • knife-spork 1.5.0
  • rubocop 0.28.0
Releases of ChefDK going forward will be using Chef 12. If you would like to continue using Chef 11, please use ChefDK 0.3.6.

Our download page is updated to point to the new release. Give this release a shot and let us know if you run into any issues.


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