Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mailing List Migration [feedly]

Mailing List Migration
// Chef Blog moving to Google Groups

To:  Chef mailing lists    Subject:  Good bye,  Was Re: Re: Re: Re:    Hello,    Since January of 2009 [0], the Chef Community has been  exchanging ideas, debating features, and helping one  another on the mailing lists hosted at    These lists have served us well over the years but have  not been without their own issues.  Moving off of the  current mailing list technology was first discussed in  earnest back in June of 2012 [1].  Since then we've had a  number of failed migration attempts, false starts, and  hundreds of messages with the a subject that starts with  "Re: Re: Re:...".    Julian Dunn proposed RFC 28 [2] and that was accepted by the  community through our RFC process [3].    It's time to say good bye.  Starting next week, we're moving  to google groups.      Good bye    Sincerely,  The Chef Community    [0] -  [1] -  [2] -  [3] -  

That's right, the time has come to say goodbye to and move our mailing lists over to Google Groups.


The cutover to Google Groups will happen on Monday, February 9. We expect the mailing list to be offline starting at 3PM GMT / 10AM EST / 7AM PST and expect them to be unavailable for about an hour.

Where will the new lists be?

The Chef Users mailing list will move to!forum/chef. The new email address will be

The Chef Developers mailing list will move to!forum/chef-dev. The new email address will be

What will happen to my list subscriptions?

All subscribers will be migrated to the respective Google Group automatically and will be subscribed to individual messages. You may login to modify your subscription preferences for each group after the migration has been completed.

What will happen to the current messages on the mailing lists?

All messages from will be migrated to the respective Google Group.

Can I access the Google Groups now?

The Google Groups are currently available for read-only access. We will let you know when emails to the new list will be accepted.

What other questions do you have?

Simply post them in the discussion below or post them to the list and we'll do our best to answer your question promptly.


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