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Basho 2015: Great Start to the year: Strong Growth, Innovation and Much More to Come! [feedly]

Basho 2015: Great Start to the year: Strong Growth, Innovation and Much More to Come!
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By Adam Wray, CEO

In January this year we announced several significant milestones on our journey to becoming the world's leading developer of database solutions for unstructured data. I'm pleased to tell you that one quarter into the New Year, we haven't lost a single step, and there's much more to on the way.

Last week we announced that we have continued our bookings growth, with a 65% bookings increase from Q1 2014 to Q1 2015.  Our licensing to services revenue remain at a very  healthy 9:1 ratio, and innovative improvements to Riak continue unabated.  But what's most exciting to me is that the core driver of our success is that we have a strong product that meets the need of a growing number of organizations who are faced with the challenge of unlocking the value of unstructured data.

The single most important dynamic separating strategic IT from simply functional IT is making the most of the data that we generate and store – deriving true business value from the ocean of unrelated data points being generated by a rapidly expanding range of applications. NoSQL databases, given their ability to scale quickly and to enable data retrieval quickly and reliably from completely unstructured data sets, are key to enabling the extraction of that value. But we don't make it happen alone. Our ever-expanding partner ecosystem is critical to our success, and a few of them have truly taken great strides in the past few months to move adoption of Riak forward:

  • Cloudsoft recently released tested, optimized Riak blueprints to help devops teams deploy applications faster and easier across a variety of clouds including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM Softlayer.
  • Out longtime partner Erlang Solutions developed WombatOAM, an operations and maintenance framework which provides full visibility into the state of Riak clusters.
  • One of our most innovative customer's Tapjoy, has built a queuing system on top of Riak. They plan to open source this tool and work with Basho on future projects that leverage our highly-available distributed systems foundation.

In addition to these new partner-contributed capabilities, we also introduced a number of new technical improvements to both Riak and Riak CS, our object storage solution, that greatly enhance not only performance, but ease of deployment, scale and usability. Significantly, Riak 2.1 introduces the concept of "write once" buckets, buckets whose entries are intended to be written exactly once, and never updated or over-written. This development improves write speeds up to 2x faster in some scenarios. You will find more about these new releases in a blog published last week by our Vice President of Product, Peter Coppola, available here.

We are extremely proud of our product, our people, our partners and our prospects for the future. The work that we've done and the foundation we've built – in both business and technical terms, have us perfectly poised for the next level of growth.

It's going to be an exciting year!  In the coming months we'll unveil some very significant product developments that the team at Basho is very excited about. Thanks for your interest and I sincerely look forward to discussing these new developments with you in a blog post in the very near future.


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