Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Cloudcast DevOps Down to the Rack Level [feedly]

The Cloudcast DevOps Down to the Rack Level
// The Cloudcast (.NET)

Description: Aaron talks to Cole Crawford (CEO/Founder of, Founding executive director of Open Compute project and Co-founder of OpenStack) about momentum for Open Compute, rethinking how Data Center racks are designed, and the stack - OpenMist OS, Open DCRE and CORE.

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Links from the show:
Topic 1 - Tell us about your background. It's very extensive in both open source (software) and open hardware.

Topic 2 - The company is described as "the first hyper converged and truly data defined data center solution". Please translate that for us :)

Topic 3 - For a small company, you have some large (conceptual) offerings - common hardware, rack-level provisioning, and this unique new rack model. Just how ambitious are you guys? (hardware with API's!)

Topic 4 - OpenMist OS (just launched). Let's talk about each of the core pieces - Open DCRE (Data Center Runtime Environment). Is this an open BMC (Board Management Controller)?

Topic 5 - Vapor CORE - This seems like RAID (Storage) meets BGP / HSRP (Networking) and compute scheduling (vCenter) all mashed together, with APIs to higher-level services (eg. Mesosphere or Docker)

Topic 6 - Vapor Chamber - at first glance, this seems like The Big Green Egg (grill) for data center equipment. Fair analogy?

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