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The Cloudcast Farming Cloud Apps with Rancher [feedly]

The Cloudcast Farming Cloud Apps with Rancher
// The Cloudcast (.NET)

Description: Aaron talks to Sheng Liang (@shengliang; Co-Founder/CEO of & Shannon Williams (@smw355; Co-Founder/VP of about their history at, building a full-solution stack around Docker, the tiny-OS market, and the tradeoffs between containers vs VMs.

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Topic 1 - You guys were behind the original and CloudStack technology. How'd you get to this point and what have you learned in the last 3-4 years?

Topic 2 - Let's start with "Rancher" (or It seems like it's Cloudstack for Docker. How far does it extend - container scheduler? manage availability? plugin for 3rd-parties?

Topic 3 - Let's talk about RancherOS. A tiny-OS built specifically for containers. This is suddenly a crowded space (CoreOS, VMware Photon, RedHat Atomic, Canonical/Ubuntu Core). Do we really need another round of Linux OS wars, or fragmentation?

Topic 4 - You recently announced Rancher VM, which is KVM inside a container. Talk about the differences between running Containers in VMs and VMs in Containers? What are the trade-offs and benefits?

Topic 5 - Cloudstack has always been known as more complete ("a solution") than OpenStack. Is that fundamentally the same approach you're taking to managing containers with Rancher?

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